Uptrennd City: The Game || Mission 10

Ti-Elle? How are you doing? You are looking so pretty in this dress... And Wow 😲... You gave your hairs a new look that's so cool. And your makeup is really awesome. Are you going somewhere??? (Ti-Elle came to my home and i asked her so many questions at once)

Ti-Elle: Mr. E has dropped another mystery box on my door mat. Here is the letter which i got from that box.

preview not available


Me: I didn't understand why he said that we are going to need a bitbof pampering?

Ti-Elle: We have to wait for it. Hehe. But first we are going to attend a party. Yayyyyyy.... Mr. E has invited us for a party

Me: Party? Yayyy... Seems like Mr. E is a good person.

Okay, I have to go to salon for makeup and hair cut. Just wait for me.

After some time...

Yayyyyy. I am ready for the party...

Look at my dress and get closer to see my pink makeup.

Am i looking so beautiful???

Okay let's go and take @fizza Ahmed @Ayesha Malik and our other Uptrennd Citizens with us.

We are going to have fun...

preview not available

The party is going to be awesome....

I am so excited for the upcoming ball.

preview not available

Let's go for the party 🎉🎉🎉.

All avatars are made by myself from bitmoji app.

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Tiger Lily
23 Feb

I am LOVING all these bitmojis hehehehe they are SO super cute!!!! 

and you are ready - look at that serious look on your face for the dancing! hahahahah


Anum Rizwan 🇵🇰
24 Feb

Hehehe... Yeah i. So excited for the ball.

I dance like a pro with face expressions..lol 

Ps: I can't find a smiling bitmoji with ball 😒


Tiger Lily
24 Feb

hehehe its ok!we will have enough smiles to last a lifetime at the ball! :)







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