Uptrennd City: Mission 5 - OH MY GOSH!

Yes yes... the results for Mission 4 is coming!! I promise! They will be here tomorrow!!!

But guys!!! Let me tell you this!!

I was cooking in my kitchen, pouring all the hot water off the noodles into the sink!  The pot was so heavy and I almost scorched myself - alarmed at the BANG BANG BANG at the front door!!!

"Coming!!!"  I said, trying to get my heart to slow down. Who bangs on the door at 6 pm at night?!?!?!

I sighed, thankful that the scalding water hadn't splashed at me when I jumped in fright.  

"Coming!!"  I said again, as I jogged to the front door.  

Looking in the peephole at the top of the door, I could see no one.

"Hm.  That's odd."  I was a little nervous, but - not so nervous.  After all, I was surrounded my dear friends in Uptrennd City.  The SPAMmer Gang was long gone, and we had peace and quiet in our days now.

Still..... I hesitated a bit before opening the door.  "Oh don't be silly, Ti-Elle!"  I said to myself, and opened the door in a rush before I lost my nerve.

No one.  I quickly looked up and door the road.  It was darkening with the night, and nope - no one was there.  I was about to go back inside when I saw what was on the door mat, below me.

preview not available

Huh.  Even more odd.

Papers, an envelope, a watch....

I grabbed them quickly and then entered the house.

The first thing I did - was read the letter that was hanging out of an open envelope under the TOP SECRET folder:

"You don't know mE.  But I know you.

I'vE sEEn what you and your band of TrEnndians are doing hErE in the nEw UptrEnnd City, and I want to hElp.  But.... I can't bE known.  How thEn can you trust that I want to hElp??  YEs, it was a quEstion I asked mysElf also. 

I nEEd to trust that you will all bE ablE to work togEthEr as a tEam, to solvE somEthing.  You sEE... I actually havE.... NO.  I can't say morE.  Not yEt.  Just know - this is your first tEst.  SolvE this, and more hElp will bE forthcoming.  

EvErything you nEEd to solvE your first tEst is hErE.

Mr. E"

hmmm.  clever.  Mr. E?  Guess he is a "mystery", alright.  What's in the folder, then?

A phrase with missing words. and some items....  interesting. A fork, a spur.

Head to  ______ ______'s land.  Go inside, and into the ________ room, move the painting on the  __  wall to reveal the safe. Enter the correct 4 digit code _  _  _  _ .   Can't figure it out?  Time's a tickin!

Missing Words

First one - Guess the right landowner. Clues should help.

Second one - which room:  bedroom? bathroom? dining room? living room? ball room?

Third one - which wall?   N, S, E, or W

Fourth one - How to guess the correct 4 digit code?  Must be SOME clue in that package!  _  _  _  _  

If you and your band of New Trenndians can figure this out, using that 4 digit code will reveal the evidence that I'm truly here to help.  Good luck!  I have faith in you all, Mr. E

Well, Uptrennd City family!   What do you think?  Are we up for this together??  You can all work together as a group - or you can work as an individual - but whenever you are certain - you MUST write a post with the answer - and explain how you got that answer! Remember -it's ok to work as a group - and talk in the comments, and even edit your answers in your post if someone convinces you to change it!   Don't worry - I'll make sure we are all in agreement before we solve this together!

Then be sure to drop a quote tweet under my TWEET HERE.  (remember to QUOTE TWEET THE URL OF YOUR MISSION 5 POST!)

We can solve this!  I know we can!!!  Let's get to it!

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Amber Kashif
10 Feb

What is happening here 🤔.  I haven't started mission 4 and mission 5 is up. @ayesha malik @merit @cherry @kenechukwu let's work as team. What say?

Tiger ma, what is the dead line for it?


Cherry Harryianne
10 Feb

[email protected] Sis it is so tricky and mysterious! Check the mission 4 first!


Tiger Lily
10 Feb

Will be 24 hours but there will be another post :)


Amber Kashif
10 Feb

24 hours from the time of posting 😲. It means the time is ticking faster. 


Merit Ahama
10 Feb

I agree to the team work cause I don't see this too easy to solve but I believe we can as a team. 

So how do we go about it? 


Amber Kashif
10 Feb

Don't really know buddy. Leaving all my chorus I am in the hunt without any direction to follow 


Merit Ahama
10 Feb

I saw a comment directing us to @kemmy B house, there might be a clue there. Something about fork I think


Amber Kashif
10 Feb

Ok. I do check it. You also do


Ayesha Malik
11 Feb

Our team have performed commandable work especially you; bright; ahama and Elizabeth mam;

Let's see will our struggles would be successful or not🥰


Bright David
10 Feb

Now this is a tough one... I think working as a group will be better... Two heads they say are better than one.. We need to figure this out as soon as possible so we can know who this mystery mr E is... Is he truly here to help? Time will tell.... 

We really need to think outside the box here.. Where are all the geniuses.. This is the time to prove yourself to us.. Please tag me if you want me to be in your group... 


Tiger Lily
10 Feb

The entire city can work together on this one!

This is a test to see how our ENTIRE group of New Uptrenndians work together hehehe!

It's best to start talking to others in this comment section and then work together! :)


Ishmael Kelechi
10 Feb

Chai. This is an algebra equation. Very tough but I will give it an attack. This is getting weird but interesting too. My head is filled with sever banging thoughts, not sure which one to hook up with. But I am coming.....


Tiger Lily
10 Feb

Sounds like you need to work with th group!!! Hehehe


Egwu Doris .
10 Feb

This man is a mystery. Thinking this out in 24hours is not really going yo be easy but with the team work am it will.


Princess Busayo
10 Feb

Haaaa, this is going to be a tough one as I don't have anything in mind what the missing words could be 🤔🤔

How do we solve this mystery and to let Mr. E help us in this game? Let's see then. Loll


Elizabeth V
10 Feb

Hi @Princess, head over to @Kemmy's property and read my comment there. I'm not sure if I'm right though. But there's a fork in her kitchen. LOL!







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