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The city game is back this time bigger and better with loads of fun and prizes to be won.

If you missed the season 1 then I bet you'll have yourself too blame on missing this season just at the start.

Life itself is full of the good ,the bad and the ugly. As human we all always want the bright side of life forgetting that the dark times are pretty much around to put us to the test of time.

Little did we know that everything happen for a reason and most times every mist indeed does come with a silver lining.

This bringing us to the phrase of the week.

"Just make sure you see the collateral beauty".

When life comes with it's test. What do you do?

Scream, cry or wish you could turn back the hands of the clock.

Sometime we ask ourselves all form of rhetorical question.

Why me , why this , why that.

Yes no critics, it's normal to do so , you're only being human.

I call it destiny because for sure we can do nothing about the present condition if you don't lose all you emotion to it you actually might get to see the bright side of it when it appear.

There is life showing you the collateral beauty of the mishap left to you to open you crying eyes to see.

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Attributing the phrase to all happening in the city of uptrennd.

The city from inception was ravaged by sect of spammers and plagiarizers bringing the city to zero with not even the last structure left unwiped out.

This was a burden to alot of like mind who wanted who wanted the the city to thrive.

Ma'am Tiger and her ever amiable team saw the collateral beauty of the mishap and introduced the uptrennd city with the co-operation of the city populace who want the city to grow.

I can vividly tell you that the city is now clean from the threat of spammers and plagiarizers to the nearest minimal.

A little more patience is needed for all that stood by the city to enjoy their hand earned labour.

When collateral damage happen , don't just lament but try and keep up just to make sure you see the collateral beauty in it before it disappears.

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Suny Ag
21 Apr

Perfect, you have summarised it in a perfect way. I am sure that everything in this particular theme begins and ends at Uptrennd city :)


Adetola Muheez
21 Apr


Glad you got the message


Elisha Beauty
21 Apr

Wow this article is lovely and am sorry for deviating i want to ask how do I participate in uptrennd competition to get more up


Adetola Muheez
21 Apr

Check out the ma'am Tiger lily blog page.

You'll see it there.

Let me know if you've seeing it


Muhammad Farooq Sabar
21 Apr

offcourse this is our moral duty that we should try to clean this city from spammers and this is near to done.we should keep it up and do better for city.best wishes for your entry.


Gohar Ali
21 Apr

You describe collateral beauty beautifully. We all are happy that our city is now clean from spammer and we are ready to do more fun.


Tiger Lily
23 Apr


I loved this.

through and through - thank you for giving so much time and effort and heart into this post!  It touched me :)


Adetola Muheez
23 Apr

Thank you so much ma.

Means alot







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