Uptrennd city game; "Mr E" again?. Who are you???

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Oh oh oh!!. It was FUN At the pirate show last Friday! Hahahaha. So much fun to the spectators, but it was really tiring and stressful to have successfully passed through it on stage after sleepless nights of practice and steady rehearsals.

On a Monday morning while I was on my bed still taking some rest, maybe because I am somehow a lazy guy when it comes to working, but to have money I am no lazy... My phone beeps and vibrated. Where could this message come from?. I grabbed my phone and then read through the screen, it was another SMS from ma'am Ti-Elle. 

Hehehe immediately I sat upright and rubbed my eyes so I could see clearly. It was another message from Mr. E again, I think Ti-Elle needs our attention.

After opening my inbox: It said; 

Immediately, I rushed to get myself cleaned and said to myself I am sure mission 10 is out. Mr. E is back with some other way of shaking things cup again. I have to leave for uptrennd city. 

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I got to Ti-Elle's home and met it as usual. Hehe. Lol of gamizens from uptrennd city had gathered around her she was having a conversation while I joined in. She said. 

Hmm. I was a bit late. Hahaha. But I was opportuned to meet with Double E to give me a summary of what happened. Hehehe. 

So we are asked to come on for a party on Friday???.my eyes got opened so wide as I have been waiting for a party to come around. It's always cool having a party in uptrennd city. The next thing on I could take a glance at was Ti-Elle on her outfit for the upcoming ball... 

Yaaay. Everyone screamed and jumped in joy after seeing Ti-Elle's outfit. 

Ti-Elle: hehehehe. Silent everyone!!! Now I want everyone to go home and get prepared for the party to be held on Friday. 

Woohoo, Woot woot!! Woot woot!!! Everyone screamed and gave a round of applause for Ti-Elle's great speech. 

I went back to my pirate quarters and checked out for what to wear. I go my glasses and my wears. It would be great having my Pirate hat too. Hehehe

I put on my hat and glasses then looked at myself in a mirror right in front of me. Hmmm. I think I am good to go!. 

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From my point of view, Mr E would be a nice man wanting so much greatness to uptrennd city. Though he come around anonymously. But the little time we had with his anonymous Jon would tell some pure fact on the do's and don't of Mr E...

Header image from Ti-Elle's contest page

Screenshot from Ti-Elle's post

Other images from Bitmoji app.



Tiger Lily
23 Feb

hahahaha did you know that they have a pirate patch and pirate gear too???? LOLOL

my bitmoji still has that outfit in the system hahahaa

so you think Mr. E is a great man then!  ok!!!  I like the sound of that - I don't want Mr. E to be too scary!!! hahahahaha  let's see

and don't forget to look at Mission 10a

it was released today!  you have to choose who you want to take to the ball! :)


Adeleye Abdulqudus
23 Feb

Okaay ma'am. I would surely get it done. 


preview not available Osato Jegede

I just hope that the Uptrennd city game has a more suspense as game of throne 







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