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"Uptrennd city game. Mission 2"

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Just right from where we stopped in the previous season of the city game. Mr. E promised to unveil on the grand party , the light went off and some set took advantage of that and kidnapped Victoria.

Now all GAMIZENs are out in the season 2 for the search for her whereabouts for sure we can't leave her to those against our city development because he did promised a lot of help if we're on good terms.

Day 3 on the journey already, leaving some GAMIZENs back in the city to carry on.


Here we are on the far side of the blue sea and skies riding along side pirate Owe Ess, Aye bee , Wa jee and Bee Ess to mention a few.

Just minutes to my sleep I heard the alram for the emergency meeting sounding on and on



Emergency!!! It say

All GAMIZENs on board are to report  to the deck of the ship

I got up in time and met everyone already assembled seeing how the water dripped into the ship from the impact against some rock, It was really disheartening and the storms too where so bad.

We reached out for help from the city but to no avail as Owe Ess continued with the address.

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I said to myself is this how we are going to lose our dear ship and continue sailing on the 3 life boats available, little did I know the worse is about happening

Ti Elli said 

Let's focus on our safety for now and hope they are fine and get help from them soon.

We where so down in spirit but staying together and believing was all needed to scale.

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We went to sleep in group to keep warm with atom of fear at heart.

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A scream was what I heard from Aye bee that kept echoing on the waters sending everyone awake . She was crying with heavy heart pointing to the direction of the life boat with 2 gone.

Where could it have gone?

We got to know two of us just left the ship with 2 of the life boats, at first I find it insensitive but later thought they went different ways to get help before dawn but we woke up to the surprise before their return.

Here we are thinking what's the way out with just one life boat available to take half of us at once.

Immediately I came up with the idea of letting most of those that can't dive in waters go with the  life boat and others half remain behind to continue with the amend and hopefully get the ship to safety.

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Fortunately, the life board got to locate an island far ahead and returned for more

we where able to get ship there too with the storm becoming friendly after so much effort put in.

We all are here now expecting to get help from the 2 pirates that left us or maybe from the city or maybe we continue our journey on foot on the search for Victoria.

No going back. Forward ever.

awaiting the way forward from the meeting with Ti-Elli tonight

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Merit Ahama
26 Apr

Wow my student is something else 

I love everything about this post, I couldn't stop reading till the end and I enjoyed the way you tell the story of everything that happened. 

So you are among those who stayed behind, that's awesome and I am glad you guys thought of a way to stay safe waiting for the two that took two of the lifeboats. 

Well written dear, keep it up 👍 


Adetola Muheez
26 Apr

Lol..learnt all from my great tutor.

Making you proud. Glad you like it.

Thank God we all are safe now.

The city hunt continues


Suny A
26 Apr

I am also staying at the boat, in the engine room trying to plug the hole and take everyone back to Uptrennd city. Trust me I am a qualified engineer to do the job.


Adetola Muheez
26 Apr

Yes sir.

Together we can 

Team spirit it is.

We all are safe when we have engineer sunny around..hehehe


Egwu Doris .
26 Apr

Yes saving all the gamizens was the best instead of leaving behind all our team.

Your idea was superb because it borough all to a safe place


Adetola Muheez
26 Apr

Yes ma'am.

Safety first and we did it.

Now safe.unto the next plan


Elisha Beauty
26 Apr

Anything the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve, and when you've ready for a thing, it will make it's appearance 


Adetola Muheez
26 Apr


That was it . Getting everyone safe and we did it


Gohar Ali
26 Apr

A perfect plan to boat escape and to save life, let us focus on our safety first. Its good you stay on boat and try to save your and others life. 







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