"Uptrennd city game.. mission 10b"

The city game is still much in progress and still with loads of fun and task.

I was wandering around the city with my outfit ready for the party at the same time looking for a date.

I tried all means to convince any damsel to be my date for the night as we await Mr. E true identity, not leaving out the princess of the game out , Zonnia. I approached , asking her to be my date for the party. I ran out of luck as she rejected explaining she has alot of interest in Mr. E and would love to go solo and won't want to ruin her chances with him.

On my way back knowing fully well I'm going solo to the ball, my phone buzzed notifying a New message from Ti -Ellie.

Another Mission just in, to find the location to the party I'm dressed for already.. I said to my self really with so much rage from previous let down.

I felt weak right away knowing fully well it's a puzzle again coming with this clue.

"Due to the sensitivity of my current situation, I'll be needing to leave clues as to how to locate the Ball. No names can be mentioned, and hopefully, "they" are not watching all of your team's communication. Multiple locations will be prepared for the Ball, but I will only be arriving at one. Think, puzzle, solve. I'm waiting.

Equipment at this place will allow us to easily be on the watch.

Keep climbing until you reach the pinnacle of success.

Get your thinking caps on and you should ".

I immediately went home   for a nap to refresh me as I prepare for the brainstorm in the discord channel.

On opening my eyes i saw late, I rushed to the general chit chat to know where the location would be. A special shout out to Fola jay and every other GAMIZENs that took part to unravel, I felt relieved.

From the letter we got the location from the first letters of the clue.


I recall Ti- Ellie has been using some unique names all through the mission.

Zee dee, Ess Aye and also Eekay Gee.

Eekay Gee is attributed to one of the GAMIZEN all this time, is it going to be at her's . Whoot yes it is.. Mission solved.

It is the penthouse Billions Row. I've never been to a penthouse before, load of fun as I patiently wait to know who Mr. E.

SEE YOU ALL AT THE..Kemmy Bee, here we come.

Still waiting the time for the commencement of the party.






Suny Ag
26 Feb

I don't know why are you looking for a female mate for this party? My best guess is that you have someone already that is stopping you 😄


Adetola Muheez
26 Feb

Hehehe...a female date would be perfect for a part , don't you think.

Either ways .I guess you're going solo too..I'll come over to your place maybe so we stunn the location..hahaha...

Party Party party..hehehe


Dr.Jenny .
26 Feb

oppps hard-luck Adetola....he missed the chance


Adetola Muheez
26 Feb

@suny Ag..I see ms. Ev is your date. Nice.

See you at the party then


Nosheen Saleem
26 Feb

Enjoy your party as you can  


O.P iykman
26 Feb


Assalam O. Alaikum, my friend. 

The phrase you used is fine, but it will be better if you modify it , so that anyone who saw/read your comment will agree that you read the post.

 it will also testify that you read and understand what the writer talks about. 

Thank you


O.P iykman
26 Feb

Jajajaja ( I laugh in Chinese 🤣) 

Well, it's indeed of great importance for a city to always come together whenever a problem like this pop-up. 

I just imagine how it would have looked like if we failed to solve the puzzle.

 Of course, we will miss the chance to know Mr. E not to talk about balling with him hehe.

Congratulations on completing this mission


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
26 Feb

This party is gonna be the best party as so many talented people will join us in the uptrennd city party. I am sure that you are fully prepared for it. God bless you.


Suny Ag
26 Feb

Why don't you join us, I have a seat vacant in my car.







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