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30 Jun
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Uptrennd Citizenship will go live on 1st of July!

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Marcos Surreal 1 week ago

I really hope it improves our earnings. After some changes, everything became more difficult.

Regarding the negative vote, it should not be in the full power of beginners or low levels. Better in the hands of the most responsible people who do not vote negative for badness !!

KOINON Team 1 week ago

Agree with you.     Thanks for supporting

Kingsley Ujemu 1 week ago

Is nice entering into another phase in uptrennd buh lemme chip in my own answers to the last question on what should be done on comments and contents.. Well I will say especially to we newbies below level 20 if only our content can have additional viewing capacity without being boosted we should also enjoy that space too our content should go far to more viewers too it will help and give more courage to us in our content thus its discouraging after putting together good content at the end the viewers are nting compared to normal higher rank level.... Thanks 🙏 would appreciate if this can be look into and responded to too.. Uptrennd to the moon.. 😘 

Dee Jhay 1 week ago

I think this is the best for everyone and I'm really glad that citizens are out...New members should have 5% like you said

Abidemiademok21 M 1 week ago

I will be missing out on the first set of citizens but I hope to achieve it very soon.

This is just as I expected but I will put in more work to claim the citizenship very soon. 

Idoko Joseph Adoyi 1 week ago

Wow this is going to be fun,more adoption and price will rise on my way to citizenship by God grace.







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