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Uptrennd - Catapulting Into the Top 200,000 Websites in the World


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Matthew Rosenquist 1 month ago

Looking strong!

I think the release of the withdraw wallet helped.  The social amplification is also proving worthwhile.  

Keep it up!

Elena Demou 1 month ago

And rising! We are at 184,897 now already! Excellent accomplishment! 

Martin Kiel 4 weeks ago

165,603 now (4 days later)

Elena Demou 4 weeks ago

Haha yes! Incredible! 

Mayur Gaikwad 1 month ago

Slowly We are getting there. More adoption, sooner we climb the ranking.  With increasing community Next target is under 150k , then under 100k. 

Interesting thing is uptrennd is yet to optimise the website and Start marketing campaign

Jeff Kirdeikis 1 month ago

Haha you got it, still need to release the app too!

There is so much in the pipeline, the top 50K will realistically be coming fairly soon

Mayur Gaikwad 1 month ago

We are waiting for the progress.

By the way crypterium app as super interface. Pls try something similar.

Martin Kiel  4 weeks ago

There are some aspects of crypterium that I'd like to incorporate in the app, for now the idea is to get the app out asap (and it is a huge upgrade to current Uptrennd mobile web version) but once it's out there will be constant progression of it's UI and UX as well.

But you're right Crypterium did a great job!

Jenina Crypto 1 month ago

Heading to Top 10! ;D <3 \o/ 

Alberto Dionisio 1 month ago

Am sure that we will be in the top 50k very soon too much job behind the lines to achieve those marks Uptrennd is strong with very engaged Community that Real cares about it...soon we reach 50k top websites in the world📈







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