When I first saw @Betty O. Post about Uptrennd's uniqueness that makes it stand out from all other platforms with or without 1up, I smiled and said to myself, this is it! 

The uniqueness of Uptrennd can not be under emphasised. If you want to talk about anything that is real, talk about Uptrennd. 

One reason why any Trenndian should consider looking beyond 1up is that Uptrennd is a life promoting platform. 

Yes our human relations has been better improved upon. I personally have improved on my skills, knowledge and perception about life, business and career development. 

No other social media platform can be compared to Uptrennd. No matter how much they try they just can't be like or surpass Uptrennd. 

Uptrennd is the only platform that rewards you for engaging, teaches and corrects and encourage you along the way. 

On Uptrennd, everyone's right is preserved. There is freedom of expression, data security, equal opportunity for all and of course distribution of wealth. 

You can learn more about crypto currency, different crypto projects, as well as improve your knowledge base in business, sports, politics, gaming spirituality etc... As there are different experts around the world whose interaction on your posts sometimes expands your concept on the topic discussed. 

On Uptrennd you get to meet different persons of diverse cultural backgrounds and easily get along with them, sharing information and other resources across more freely knowing that your data is kept private. Unlike other social media platforms where they make fortune from you and you get nothing in return. 

For me, with or without 1up, I have been blessed by this platform and the testimony I have shared here from time to time and it still continues... 

Sprecial thanks to our amazing CEO @JEFFKIRDEIKIS and the team behind the scenes, the guardians as well as the entire Uptrennd Community for making Uptrennd what she is today. 

I will not fail to appreciate the initiator of this contest @Betty Ozemoje for her tireless work and sacrifices in making Uptrennd work as always. 

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qasim gilal
19 Jan

Absolutely dear same my thinkings and experience.

This is the best plate form for grooming


Ibrahim Salman
19 Jan

Amazing no doubt Uptrennd is really great social media Platform.. I M learn and earning on Uptrennd platform. Some best friends on Uptrennd. I M fully enjoy on Uptrennd platform. I love it.. 


Ifiok Eso
19 Jan

Yes, bro Uptrennd is a life promoting platform. The things we read and learn in Uptrend can't be gotten anywhere free of charge.. Uptrennd too is very well organized as compared to other platforms..


Chidiebere Christian
19 Jan

Uptrennd is really the place to be because it has provided us all with what we have and can do to make Quality the benchmark


Hameed khan
19 Jan

Thanks to all who are arranging such a beautiful  plateform where we can earn and learn.

The most thing on the uptrend is is ideas sharing which give vastness to mind. Force to think







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