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Uptrennd Best Social Network On Blockchain Review


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Jan Borgers 5 days ago

Very happy that u like uptrennd. Fell free to reach out if u have any questions. Be part of our uptrennd family. Nice to have u.

Mykos Inglewood 5 days ago

awesome! was curious have you all listed on an exchange yet?

Jan Borgers 5 days ago

yes we have listed on a small exchange called sistemkoin,but there is nearly no volume at the moment,withrawal function not enabled ,but will come soon.

Mykos Inglewood 5 days ago

great i'll set up an account

Luke Brenland 5 days ago

Quality Review Mykos, very detailed! you are a very good educator :) 

Great to hear you are happy with what you have seen so far, we have a great community too :D

Mykos Inglewood 5 days ago

Looks fantastic Luke. Well thought out. Glad to be here!

Luke Brenland 5 days ago

Ahh thank you buddy :), Jeff, the Dev team and us mods have constantly been at work to make sure everything is growing in the right direction :D

Martin Kiel 5 days ago

Awesome review !! Really like your voice too, very soothing haha. Great to have you on here, feel free to reach out with any ideas or improvements you'd like to see on the platform, always super appreciated

Mykos Inglewood 5 days ago

thanks for the warm welcome!

Romana Grubesic 5 days ago

Great review! I am very glad you like it and very happy to have you in our Up family! 

Mykos Inglewood 5 days ago

Thanks Romana so nice to meet you!

MrBullishSail Crypto Trader 5 days ago

Excellent review, Mykos, this type of content is very important for the growth of the community, thank you very much for sharing it :)

Mykos Inglewood 4 days ago

I think this network will grow just fine!

Nathan Kaytar 5 days ago

Awesome review thanks man


CHARLES FUCHS 5 days ago

Thanks for doing this review Mykos! :)







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