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My First attempt in meme creation Contest.

It's good that we are getting news about Uptrend appAnd it will be easy for users to use this great platform of learning as well as earning.

The Guardian keeps sharing updates in this regard so that more and more people  be able to share the good news and increase the traffic of the platform for which these competitions are held. 

Secondly, these competitions further enhance people's interest and writing skills improvement.  Because of these giveaways our writings able the center of attention because their good writings get the attention of guardians.

I am looking forward to the Uptrennd app so that I can easily access my account with more interesting features. For which I keep checking for updates every time. 

 I have tried to shape my emotions into a meme.

My First expression about Uptrennd App news:-

preview not available

 This is the first day when I found out that the UpTrend app will soon be part of the Play Store. 

Getting bore while waiting for Uptrennd App

preview not available

 Like every member in the picture, I am a little tired of waiting for this app. Because it is taking a long time. And now I have more patience.  It's not happening. 

Sir Jeff's meme in office work

preview not available

Here Sir Jeff is working on his system and saying it's done. Now it's up to me. Just wait a bit longer. We're very close to getting the app to completion and you don't have to worry.

Uptrennd App has been launched

preview not available

  I am very happy finally news of Uptrennd App has came in this meme.

On my Laptop here is news officially announced launch of Uptrennd App on social media Facebook page.

 I have prepared this post for the @Adelane O Memes Contest.

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​note:all meme's are created by meme creator app by my 📲📲📲📲



Amjad Ali Waince
27 Feb

All the meme are full of expression and emotions. A clear thing that we are so much excited for the app with love and loyalty.

Best wishes for the contest


Hasnain Khan
27 Feb

Thank you dear @Amjad Ali Waince


Gohar Ali
27 Feb

Good entry for the contest, you explain your memes well best of luck for the contest. We all are excited for uptrennd app, 


Hasnain Khan
27 Feb

Thanks for your interest


Ayesha Malik
27 Feb

Drum rolls 🥁 Uptrennd app is going to rock soon.

We are waiting patiently amd now's the time to show our enthusiasm for this awaited app launch.

Decent work done 👍

Good luck with the contest.


Hasnain Khan
27 Feb

Thanks @Ayesha Malik


Soni Rajput R
27 Feb

Yes everyone bitterly waiting for uptrennd applications launched. You show your amazing expression through the meme. This is a great entry into the contest. I wish you to win the contest. 


Abubakar Usman
27 Feb

Nice entry my brother, I never participate in this type of contest but I think it time for me to try it cause I am so impressed with your post in this Contest. Keep it up and stay safe, I wish you best of luck.


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