Uptrennd Application Meme Contest

I have been here....in this platform and realized that we need more improvement or perhaps an advancement in uptrennd website.

​.....So many of us have witnessed the upgrade and server maintenance that happened few months ago....

​it really helped alot because most things I do now in uptrennd makes it easier for me to create a post......

​The most sweetest thing that ever happened in this platform, is the way they attached the image click section it's so amazing.....lol...I don't have to go a long way to upload on imgbb and post here again....

​Newest thing on board now...... should I spill the secret ...... yaaaaaaay...... hehehehehe

Uptrennd Application is about to be launched!!!

Content made on Kapwing

This is a meme I created in kapwing.

Seriously 😱 for real......

​this is good news 🗞️🗞️

​But do you know what she (cesca) said in the meme lol 

​Why the wait? What took you  guys so long to build up the app??.......Asking @Adelan O

​Can you imagine??........ ​​​​Said the meme!

After making me go through all this stress 😂😝😂😝😝😝😂!!

​Do you know how annoying it could be after writing all this stuff and everything vanished because you simply refreshed the page .....😭😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

​Don't worry am not mad at you..

​​​​Ahhhh something struck me oh my uptrennd application is on the way oh my precious ..........

preview not available

Who remembers this movie called..... the hobbit..... it's about the quest to retrieve their kingdom from the wicked and ruthless dragon named the smaug.......gandalf is one of the sorcerer ...I think the oldest....and Bilbo who wants to go for an adventure....we have so other characters like Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, Thorin Oakenshield, Gollum, Smaug, Beorn..

​When it came to the GOBLIN, Bilbo baggins fell from the domain of the elves and fell into the den of goblin...and he saw this ring which he later found out that it makes one invisible....and he took it ....the goblin cried out OH MY PRECIOUS.... where are you ...lol 

​@Esther Emmanuel can relate

​I'm so happy and expecting this application to be launched I can't wait for it to be  brought to use....I am hoping to see some amazing features there.... most especially the dark and light mode ....am expecting classic organizing and easy access to everything.





Tiger Lily
25 Feb

hahahahahaa myyyyyy preciousssssss  LOLOL

hehehe yes - Esther really can relate - isn't she always the one that is putting those Gollum gifs in the room!??!? LOL

nice job - haha you got me giggling for sure! 


Cesca Jove
25 Feb

That movie is very interesting 😁😁😁....you need to see the way he keeps his face because of my precious 🤣🤣🤣

Exactly she can relate well about that 😂


Mark Ceeza
25 Feb


I can't wait to see uptrennd launching their new app😁. The meme really gave a good example about everything happening here on uptrennd and i most say you did a good job dear. The hobbit film was one of my favorite then, but the problem in it is that it's a long film😂.


preview not available Adelan o
25 Feb

Hahah, your entry made me smile, the memes were on point and now I know you are waiting for the app earnestly 😁😄, we are close so stay tuned and best of luck in the contest.


Cesca Jove
26 Feb

Oh yeah finally I can leave this site ......what a relief 😌........of course I have waiting for the app..... just a little longer...I can wait


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
26 Feb

I have watch this movie a very long time ago can't remember the story but I still remember the part of Goblin crying for his precious hahaha. 

The app wait Wil soon be over! 

Nice entry Cesca 💪


Cesca Jove
26 Feb

Thanks ma'am of course it will be over in a few more days....as for the goblin and his precious....he continued looking for it 😂😂


Sarah Khan
26 Feb

ahahhaha awesom!!! but whattt I see now its really make me scary aahh that little horrible frodo's chap, I first saw this film in my childhood and then I got fever with high temprature....well @cesa jove this chap happy this time for application so its ok ...xd

Good Look!







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