"Uptrennd Application MeMe Contest"

I really thank the person who provided us all with such a great platform from which we can earn great money by working hard.This platform is not only a source of income but also like a family. We have all made many friends.

 Now this platform is ready to go even higher because something is going to happen that will surprise us all. Everyone is eagerly awaiting the launch of the application. Because when the application launches, everything will change. 

It will be a lot of fun to work with. And I also hope that more features will be added to the application which will increase our earning. 

You can see everyone on this platform is eagerly waiting to see when the application will launch because there will be something in the application that everyone is waiting for.

We will benefit a lot from launching the app. We can earn by giving maximum time to this platform.Because this is a great platform and this platform has never cheated us. I try my best to work on this platform as much as possible.

I joined this platform a few months ago and thank God I have reached a good level now I want to work hard and I will try to improve this platform as much as I can.

This platform is testing our patience as we all wait impatiently for the app.

I have created some memes to wait for the app. All these memes are telling us how impatiently we are waiting for the app,

   "My expectations from this app"

I have a lot of expectations from my honor app because when the app is launched, I will be able to work well and interest in it will increase.When a person finds something good, his interest in doing it increases and he does better than before.I have high expectations from this app. I am sure it will be useful for me.(I just ask you to pray that the app launches soon)


This meme shows when the app will be created,This meme is showing two or three months ago because at that time we did not know when the app would be created.


In this, meme I am thinking deeply about when the app will be made.I'm also wondering how I will work in the app,hahaha.


A few days ago, I heard that the app has been developed, but it is not yet fully operational.I was shocked to hear this.



I have been waiting for you for a long time. People have made fun of me.


After hearing this news, the app will be launched soon.hehe

I have own created!

Everyone pray that the app will be touched soon!

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preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
25 Feb

Soon we will have the application with us, the day is closer, it is true that we have all waited patiently, as you show in your memes, but soon we will realize that it was worth the wait .


Madiha Jamil
25 Feb

App is coming and everyone is waiting for it. Great entry best of luck ❤


Waqas ur Rehman
25 Feb

We all waiting  for the uptrennd's app.Your memes are showing your love for uptrennd.


Julian Kwan
26 Feb

With great anticipation for the release of the app.


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
26 Feb

Yes we all are waiting for uptrend app. This will be the best app like the plateform of uptrennd. The memes you make on the app launching is so impressive and creative. This is really good . I really hope this app will be soon here and we all will join it with the same enthusiasm. For now , we should wait for it.


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