Uptrennd Application MEME contest (*,*) Organized by Guardian Adelan O

Hi And Hello friends and Respected Guardians.

Uptrennd is a social media platforms where we can explore ourselves and can seek lot of things.Every body hare is ready to help you if you are facing any problems. 

You can't imagine my reaction after listen the uptrennd  application is going to launch. But hare is a trailer of that reaction and I want to show you. 

< my-reaction>

We are using uptrennd by Google or chrome. But as you know that app is going to launch. 

< Hand-Stopping-Dominoes-27022021125802>

By using on Google we face many problems like google issue., website loading issue.., means work doing very difficult on website on Google. 

But all the problems are going to end and every issue will solve by the Launch of Applications of Uptrnned.

I am telling my friend that app must going to launch but you can see their reactions. 

< I-can-not-wait>

Means they start to shouting on me and not listening my words that I am explaining them.They are all very interesting using app but currently no date fix to launch the application.

< Tim-Cook-On-an-i-Pad-27022021130427>Sir Adelan O....will soon going to message us and informed us that app is completely ready to use and I am sure after launch of the Application People traffic 🚥 increased so much that I can imagine that rating of the application touch the sky height just in a few hours. 

< feeling-good>

I Am excited and fully satisfied that application will easy to use and save a lot of time us. And lot of new features that will helps us in future must be introduced.Thats why I'm happy and hope for the best. 

On the day of applications launch everyone reaction will be remarkable and must be watchable. 

And my reaction will like this. 

< Drake-Naruto-Edition-27022021130116>

And I will show you the mindset of people about using the application of uptrennd.They all will used this application according to their mind set medium, average and high. 

< Mind-Size-Mega-27022021125926>

I am very glad and happy on the launch day of applications and I will arrange a little party 🎊 and invite my friends. That day is totally remarkable and special day for me.. 

I want to thank Dear sir Adelon O whon give us a opportunity to explain our feelings about uptrennd Application. Sir we have unique type of relationship with this application.This relationship is always held.


This is my entry to the contest that is organized by @Adelon O. If you want to participate in the contest , please click here.

Adelan O Contest

And today is the last date... So fast.... 


  1. Header image is taken from the Sir Adelon O Post And other images is generated by meme app by me. 


maryam gilal
27 Feb

Wow dear very good news.

Uptrennd application is going to launch, I am also excited for the app. 

This will be very much helping for us because some times on google our account does not open and some times work very slowly.


preview not available Adelan o
27 Feb

You made all memes unique and I love that, shows you understand the world of meme. The application will give so many of us joy and we will welcome it with open hands😁, cool entry😎


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
27 Feb

 Definitely the day that the application starts working will be a holiday for everyone.
Your memes express very well what it feels like to know that we will already have the application with us.


Lubna Rao
28 Feb

Yes sir ...

And I will arrange a party on that day. And excitement on that day I can't express in words 


Somoo Hassan
28 Feb

Nice entery dear! You deserved to be winner


Lubna Rao
28 Feb

It is the result of your prayer and copration with me... Thanks.. 


Sarah Khan
28 Feb

nice efforts in creating memes and understanding them....you made simpl and understandable memes...

good luck!


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