Uptrennd Application Meme Contest By Adelan O

Greetings to everyone. I hope you will be fine and enjoying good days of your life. Here is my entry to the contest of our beloved Guardian 

@Adelan O. 

It you are interested in participating in this contest please click on the link lying here and spread your humors with us..



Let's start with my work. 

We have been listening about Uptrennd Application since last year but unfortunately it was not possible in previous year. As the roadmap of Uptrennd came, we were sure to follow and expecting to be followed. Unfortunately everything gone unpredictable. We were going to launch this application in September to December but still it's in progress for Beta Testers and March is about to Start. We are late from our road map. Anyhow we are standing besides Uptrennd through thick and thin.

Meme Generator

This has been happening with us every time. Lol 😂😂😂

Now it's time to see the reaction by Uptrenndians when they are waiting for Uptrennd app Launch... When they get news that Uptrennd app is live now...


And instantly I read below the post that it's only available for the beta testers.

Oh My Gosh !!! It's not live for me 

Love ​​​

Now it's time to visit Uptrennd Telegram... Lol 😂😂😂

It is time to hear 🙉 

@Navi ❣️ & @ Esma 💗


And finally when the app is live for everyone. It makes me happy and everyone to enjoy a massive party.


It's all about my love for Uptrennd that intrigued me to write something about it and express my feelings in the form of funny memes. I love Uptrennd and always stand together with it. We should keep working for our platform. We are like a team and our work should determine our identity.


​#Uptrennd #1Up

Your Own...


Header By-- Adelan O



preview not available Betty Ozemoje
26 Feb

I love your meme. I couldn't help my self from laughing lol 

Yeah exciting times is around the corner haha 


Mubasher Mahdi
26 Feb

Absolutely respected Mam. I am really happy to see you in my memes post. It was all about making you people laugh. And I made you laugh 😂 , I consider I have completed my duty. Always loving you. Stay happy


preview not available Adelan o
26 Feb

You have made a super cool entry man, totally loved it. And I had a good laugh too. The app got all of us making Meme's 😄😁🔥😎, we won't have to wait too long😊


Mubasher Mahdi
26 Feb

Wait is nearly over. We should face this time with patience and we shall see a massive development of the platform very soon. The more it takes time the more attractive it will be.


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
26 Feb

That love for uptrennd unites us and makes us happy we are all anxious and happy with the application, I think that day we will all dance like the dance of your meme and we will have a party, I can not stop laughing at the dance, hahaha it is very funny


Mubasher Mahdi
01 Mar

Haha absolutely sir. It will be a great day for us when app will go live for all of us. 


bilal gul
26 Feb

There are so kany memes in this post anr i like each and every one of them.all are hilarious andnicely made.


bilal gul
26 Feb

I am also myself patiently waiting for the app to get released as it will make surfimg the uptrennd really easy


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