Uptrennd Application MeMe Contest~~ Arranged by guardian Adelan O

Trenndians greetings!

Uptrennd is a best social media platform with Great opportunity of learning and earnings.it is a family hub with lot of respect and honour. It is the only plateform amoung the compititors who offers to uplift the skills if blogging and creative abilities through its project UU.

This platform going to launch the application soon and we are expecting lot of changes and fun in it . Looking for new features to inhance earnings opportunity.

I created some meme to express my feelings of patience in app launching.

preview not available

√ In above meme every one can feel my waiting condition. I sitting in uptrennd office lounge for uptrennd app updates , then in gallery Infront of office of Kris J and finally the sectary told me that wait there Adelan O will call you . 

preview not available

√ This meme shows our interest and amazed feelings when we come to know that guardians and some seniors using testing version of app.

preview not available

√Here trenndians got a reoumers that app is ready and available on playstore. So every one rushed there. 

preview not available

√Here is my excitement and joy on uptrennd app launch. 

Thanks for reading . It my entry for the contest of Adelan O. I want to grab this opportunity to say thanks to Sir @Adelan O for arranging this contest. It you want to participate in the contest , please click here.

Adelan O Contest​​​


@Amjad Ali Waince 

Header : from the post of contest owner

Meme's: generated at meme generator app by me.



Muhammad Iqbal
26 Feb

You have created beautiful meme and did Great efforts. 

We all are waiting for its application and hope for best app, where we will enjoy our activities.


Amjad Ali Waince
26 Feb

Yes we are waiting and this wait lasting long now. Thanks for appreciation.


Noor Chaudhry
26 Feb


your memes make me laugh 

your first meme about waiting for Adelan and kris call...is amazing 

great talent you make interesting memes 

good luck for coontest


Amjad Ali Waince
26 Feb

It is enough for me that I put some smile on my sister face. Thank you so much dear for your kind response.


Suman Naz
26 Feb

Adelan sir arranged very interesting and funny contest.

Your entry is super.

You make good efforts to make memes. I hope you must win this contest.


Amjad Ali Waince
26 Feb

Yes Adelan O gives us a opportunity to express our love to our beloved plateform. Thanks for your time.


Ayesha Malik
26 Feb

Hahhaha 😂

Much funny but interesting especially that one about the testing of the beta app by senior users; I felt the same condition 😂

About dancing at the launch this is true ☑we all are excited.

I am preparing my entry too🤝

Good luck with the contest.


Amjad Ali Waince
26 Feb

Almost every junior has a same feelings about app. Hope Sis  your entry will be fabulous. More power to you!


preview not available Adelan o
26 Feb

It seems trenndians have a talent for memes you just dropped a very good entry, and I must say, you won't have to wait too long again. Hahahahah. Best of luck with your entry.


Amjad Ali Waince
26 Feb

Thank you so much for appreciation words. It is Emmence pleasure for me . Hope app will be soon to access.


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