Uptrennd Application Meme Contest!!! 1000 1up for grabs🥳

Hello, awesome people of Uptrennd, I bring to you all a meme contest organised in anticipation of our incoming android mobile application. The application is not ready for launch just yet, but we are close. 

To participate in this contest is simple, but it needs creativity and efforts too. All you have to do is create a meme either as an image or gif showing how you feel knowing the launch is close and how you would feel on launch day,  plus you get to share your expectations in words too.

It dosent just end in creating a meme, you must write in at least 500 words the story behind your meme and what you think the application will mean for uptrenndians and social media.

preview not available

Source​​​ meme created by me

These are the RULES of the contest.

  • Create a Meme about your expectations for the application and launch. Write 500 words telling us the idea behind your original meme, and thoughts on the application's potential.

  •  Use the title "Uptrennd Application MeMe Contest" and the hashtag #UAMC at the end of the uptrennd post.

  • Head over to Twitter and tweet that Uptrennd Post Link on Twitter using these hashtags and mentions #uptrennd @Uptrennd @Adelan_O 

  • Cross-post your Uptrennd contest post with hashtags(#uptrennd, #1UP #meme #uptrenndappsoon) on 2 or more other Social Media Platforms, eg (Facebook, Noise or Read Cash, Publish0x, Swirge, Mind, Hive, ) pick any two.

Finally, when done with all the tasks, drop in the comment section, your Uptrennd contest post link, Twitter post link, and the 2 or more Social Media Post links. Deadline for final submission is till 27th of February, and the results will be announced on the 28th.

I'll be picking 5 quality entries , from those who complete all tasks, creating more than 1 meme in your entry is allowed and attracts more rewards. 5 users will be awarded with 200 1up tokens each.

preview not available

Source​​​ meme created by me

May the best memer win!!!

​Help retweet and spread the word https://mobile.twitter.com/adelan_o/status/1364135644952481792

Uptrennd to the Moon and back then straight to Ireland.



Muzafar Abbas

amazing sir,i'm  very excited,i think uptrend app is coming soon,i'm surely participated in this contest.its amazing and lovely cotest


Hameed khan

First of all sir we are too much excited about the releasing of uptrend applictaion. This is an amazing contest and also fun too. This will also introduced the creativity of a person . 

We were waiting for a contest because there was no contest to participate in it


Essa sherazi

Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity. This is an up-trend app contest. I will definitely take part in your competition

And I'm excited about the release of the Up Trend app and I'm sure it will be released soon.


preview not available Adelan o

The pleasure is all mine, the app will be awesome for everyone, expecting to see your entry.


Madiha Jamil

Wao contest about uptrend meme. InshaAllah i will participate in this contest and InshaAllah I will be the winner this time ☹️


preview not available Adelan o

To be the winner you have to create a very creative and quality Meme and write a beautiful content too.


Madiha Jamil

InshaAllah I will try to make a quality content 😇


Ishmael Kelechi

This is going to be fun creating an app meme. I am already discerning now that meme will look like in my mind.  Thanks for privilege. 


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