Uptrennd Africa Crypto Writing Contest (2,500 1UP & 500,000 RFND REWARDS)

The distribution of wealth without partiality is one of the pillars that uphold the Uptrennd Nation and this is what the Africa arm leverages on by creating events and activities that encourage her community members to learn, network, and receive rewards for their engagement.

Uptrennd Africa has also been focusing on ways to position her community members at a right spot, especially in the understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain through, seminars, presentations, contest, training, AMA, and many more.
A lot of promising projects are invading the crypto world and it seems like many of us are missing out. This week, Uptrennd Africa will be looking into SLP tokens.

Here comes the second edition of a community contest for 2021:
What are SLP Tokens?
Community Calls
1. Create a post with a clear understanding of what SLP tokens are
2. Pick one promising SLP token and explain its product in your article
3. Post a link to your article on at least 3 other social media platform to gain more traction.
4. Drop the article link in the comment box below

Deadline Submission: 15th January 2021 @ 12 Noon WAT

Note: The contest is to prepare you for big rewards upcoming thereafter! So do your best to participate.

Post Presentation: There shall also be an opportunity to present your article via voice on Discord on 16th January 2021 @ 7 PM WAT – The first event was amazing!

Reward Pool

2,500 1UP & 500,000 RFND


EngrSamest & Victoria

Let Your Engagement Commands Reward!!!

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Raheem Rao
12 Jan

That's a  big chance to earn  some crypto only just by writing. 

And  I can see RFND is getting popular day by day .

Thanks for conducting this contest. 

Soon i will make me entry  to this


preview not available EngrSamest .
13 Jan

hope to see your entry soonest


Khrispyshots Chukwuemeka
12 Jan

I am glad I stumbled on this
RFND is one project on the SLP network that keeps making me proud

Here is my entry link


EngrSamest has donated 500 points to Khrispyshots Chukwuemeka 1 week ago


preview not available EngrSamest .
17 Jan

Nice presentation. 100,000 RFND also tips. See you in the next contest!


El Salvadore
12 Jan

Oh well, this calls for a succinct research from me... Actually..


I may not be able to.rpesenr to voice though but I'll see about that.


preview not available EngrSamest .
13 Jan

Come lets enjoy the atmosphere together


Moscom Moses
12 Jan

With this article, I will have to study more about SLP tokens. I intend to participate in this contest.

Thanks for this opportunity, Sir


preview not available EngrSamest .
13 Jan

WE position our members right in the journey of crypto and its technology. Hope to see your entry soon


Zizy Mena
12 Jan

I don't even know what SLP tokens are so I will just look out to learn from the articles that will be submitted. I am sure it will be worth it all


preview not available EngrSamest .
13 Jan

Thats one of our plan to make everyone understand some of the technology attached to crypto and its technology


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