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10 Feb
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Uptrennd Africa Connect

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Luke Brenland 4 months ago

Love the video man! really shows your love for your continent and Uptrennd!

Kris JS 4 months ago

I absolutely love this! The passion the African community has is incredible. Uptrennd, Uptrennd Africa and Uptrennd Espanol are 3 amazing communities that unite the world around them. Being part of all this is a great place to be right now! 

Wisdom Chinonso 4 months ago

in few months time now uptrennd will spread the whole Africa , people will be using it like Facebook and WhatsApp ,much love for uptrennd Africa let keep it up reaching everyone on everyside.

Mustapha Mohammed Jeremiah 4 months ago

In few months time from now it will definitely become a household name here in Africa. Cuz we ain't relenting. We are doing everything to promote the name Uptrennd

Osato Jegede 4 months ago

We together with other fellow Africans have the capability to make Uptrennd a household name within the continent

JR of Exciting World Cryptos 4 months ago

Monday morning to Osato Jegede. I just came across your nice post on “Uptrennd Africa Connect” On behalf myself as JR an Uptrennd Vibe Ambassador. I have to say. WOW. Amazing work. You really create a happy moment and positive image for the platform of Uptrennd.

Happy to have you in this space. 

Thanks again

@Osato Jegede

Osato Jegede 4 months ago

😂😂😂😂😂🤣 It's just an opportunity to communicate the testimony of Uptrennd to my fellow Africans and beyond 







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