Uptrennd Africa AMA with NirXBlock Project

Africa crypto and blockchain adoption keep growing daily and the understanding of this sector increasing in Africa as crypto influencers in Africa and beyond never relent in spreading this safe haven information within the continent.

With great pleasure, we present to you NirxBlock an Africa project that focuses on bringing fiat to the blockchain and backed up specially by Naira (Nigeria currency), and the coin name is NairaX a digital ERC-20 based coin.

Uptrennd Africa will be having an AMA session with the Engr. Stanley Abor CEO/Co-Founder of the NirxBlock project this Friday where the CEO will dissect the creation of this project and a viable opportunity to discuss the intrinsic use case of crypto in remittance. With Africa as the focus. 

The AMA will be in three sections:

Session 1: We make a public google form to collect questions from the community for a few days (2-3) before the AMA. From that pool of questions, the Uptrennd Africa team selects 5 best questions and discusses them with the AMA guests in the first part of the AMA. 

It takes only a few minutes to fill the form 

Session 2: During this session, we open the chat in our group so that community can ask its questions in a live form. This session will be open for a few minutes and the team collects the questions and the NirXblock select the best 5 questions in the opinions and answer them. 

Session 3: In this session, we have a quiz about the NirXblock project

Study and learn about the project through UptrenndNirxblock official website

AMA Reward

There are 20,000 NIRX Coins and Enough 1UP token to be won, participate, and position yourself for the reward.

Date: Friday, 10th July 2020

Venue: Uptrennd Africa Telegram

Moderators: EngrSamest, Edmond Ebong & Aliyu Muhammed

Time: 8 pm UTC/Nigeria

For newbie: Remember to register @ uptrennd.com/signup before the day.

Uptrennd Africa, Uniting Africa



Hafiz Muhammad Anas
07 Jul

Sure i am also there.its good opportunity.


Idoko Joseph Adoyi
07 Jul

This is a great opportunity to see a unique Africa project of such nature run on the Blockchain from Nigeria ,I see it has prospect.

Would there be airdrop before the ico?


NairaX Blockchain
07 Jul

Hi Idoko, ICO already competed since October 2019.



Idoko Joseph Adoyi
07 Jul

Ah !!!! I miss am just getting to know about NariaX through your post.it really a great initiative ,I will love to hold some of the coin .

Is there any bounty coming up soon


Chukwudum E
07 Jul

Sure I will be there. This is getting interesting. Africa getting this exposed to crypto currencies.

I will love to tend my questions and get informed.


Tahira saeed
07 Jul

You gave useful information.this is very micee post.thank you so much for sharing it


Robin Matt
07 Jul

Thanks for notifying us about the coming uptrend AMA


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