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technology is the future of finance on the planet today, and cryptocurrency is leading the way in blockchain use, with hundreds of projects to meet modern needs as well as millions of people already using these innovative platforms. 

Business has come a long way since the early days of the internet, and blockchain technology is now the next wave of the digital tech revolution. Yet for some reason, global regulators are still dragging their feet when it comes to promoting and facilitating exposure to blockchain projects on the popular media sites. 

Well, today I can proudly announce that we have a solution and it’s called Uptrennd.

Why The Hate?

Both the UK and the USA have taken a tough stance over the past years on crypto or blockchain projects that wanted to advertise on the legacy social media platforms. 

Facebook banned all cryptocurrency ads in January 2018, including trading platforms as well as ICOs. They claimed that this was to “improve the integrity and security of ads, and to make it harder for scammers to profit from a presence on Facebook.”

Soon after that Google’s parent company Alphabet also announced the banning of crypto trading and ICO ads. Then Jack Dorsey’s Twitter platform joined the fray, although they made exceptions for public companies listed on large stock exchanges in Japan, a hub of cryptocurrency trade and industry on the planet. 

Similarly, China, a center for crypto mining and rig production also introduced restrictions, resulting in an overnight disappearance of paid crypto ads from their popular social media sites like Weibo (Chinese Twitter) and Baidu (Chinese Google).

Harder The Battle, Sweeter The Victory!

Throughout 2018 crypto firms and enthusiasts from numerous nations naturally fought back against the ban led by Russia, South Korea, China, Eurasia and even Switzerland with lawsuits against the social media giants. 

By 2019 Australia also jumped on board with huge multi-billion dollar lawsuits against them. Loss of revenue was the main claim because blockchain and crypto are the next generations of the “IT” industry and the ban is simply not fair on this fledgling industry. 

As a result of this legal push back, some acquiescence has been visible on the legacy of social media platforms but not nearly enough to warrant a celebration or much hope in really launching your business or generating income via ads there. This is where Uptrennd comes in to lead the way.

The old legacy social media platforms are simply not up to date regarding the advancements in blockchain technology. They may also have an agenda. Facebook, for example, is trying to launch their very own digital currency, so may be reluctant to facilitate ads from the opposition. 

Uptrennd.com. The Solution!

However, Uptrennd is the new alternative to the old social media sites today. It is taking social media to the next level by actually facilitating the chance to not only own your data but also earn an income from your creative content via the Uptrennd digital currency token, built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Now you can also advertise all your cryptocurrency and blockchain industries on Uptrennd to an interested audience, without any fear of banning or obstruction. 

The name says it all and your crypto business will be carried on Uptrennd so that you and all your potential clients and customers can reap the rewards. 

Online marketing and advertising is the way of any leading business or service today. And those who advertise blockchain and crypto industries directly will find an audience who are already committed to crypto. 

On Uptrennd, the crypto friendly social media blog site, you can gain fantastic visibility for your business or crypto product by either boosting your blog posts advertising your products or by reserving ad space on the website. 

The blockchain and crypto industry has finally found a home, as well as a community. 

What better place to promote your crypto business? Check out the website today and feel free to contact the team, you will be impressed by this dynamic platform which is leading the way in the crypto industry today.

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Happy .
27 Jul

It’s so amazing seeing that the purpose of this platform is moving aboveboard the sky.


Julescape Crypto
27 Jul

Yes it's a reason to be happy lol, at Uptrennd provides a platform for the most innovative tech developments of an era. To the sky and beyond...


Hamed Ibrahim
27 Jul

I think this post of yours should be taken as a piece to attract potential investors to this platform. You have done justice here illustrating the benefits embedded in this platform and it quite obvious we need investors here to take this movement to the next level. 


Julescape Crypto
27 Jul

Yes good idea Hamed, I have reposted this article on some other social media sites in order to gain some interest from other social media users. I hope they will see it and come join us on Uptrennd. 


XxX offiong
27 Jul

I have seen posts upon posts since I joined this platform but this I will say "Uptrennd this is a 5 star" post. 

The simplicity in the analysis of what this platform offers by this post makes it easy for anyone( users, investors etc) to understand what this platform stands for

I recommend this post to every newbies n oldies and the marketing/business unit of Uptrennd

This post is 5*


XxX offiong
27 Jul

If Facebook, Telegram already have theirs you think they and others don't ulterior motives of banning the adverts?


Julescape Crypto
27 Jul

Many thanks for your positive feedback Emmanuel, you are very kind. The subject of Uptrennd as a social media platform really inspires me. At last we can own our own content and be rewarded in cryptocurrency for our efforts, whereas on the older platforms they mine our data for their personal gain while we get nothing for our effort. Here on Uptrennd we are being empowered. And also we can now advertise our personal business and make the platform our home page practically. This is revolutionary, especially today in the new online, working from home culture. We should get all our friends on board.


Cyndy Bliss
27 Jul

This is a great news, we are so enthusiastic righ t now...UPTRENND is taking a great step forward

UPTRENND s offering opportunities for the aggrieve to have hope and use its platform to 

Do thier advertisements...

Great one 


Josemendez P.
28 Jul

Well this is true , however considering the present Twitter bitcoin scam , you won't necessary balme theses social media platforms for banning cryptocurrency ads .

I also appreciate @Uptrend in their support for cryptocurrency .







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