Uptrennd: 2019 Recap!

2019 has been a huge year for us all at Uptrennd! I wanted to recap over this amazing year and take everybody down memory lane quickly.

So if we go back to this time last year,

Uptrennd was in planning and having all the details worked out, a few of the social channels were created and Uptrennd was slowly being pieced together in the CI Network. 

As we broke into the new year in 2019, Uptrennd had 355 community members and a beautiful vision to create a platform that provides equality and distribution for those that put effort and time into their content and activities online.

There were countless features being released month after month, from personalized URLs once you hit level 3, Creating communities, Chat message function was improved majorly and many more along with new features coming still to today!

We saw big updates happen every month from Uptrennd breaking into the top 500K, 400K websites all the way to 67K on Alexa so each month as we see Uptrennd’s community grow we saw new milestones broken regarding top-ranked website globally.

May was a tough month for us as a team and a platform, we had some issues with DDOS attacks however we worked at it and move forward putting things into place to make sure that we could get over this and continue our growth and building this amazing community however we were all unaware what was to come in august and September when Uptrennd would really start to gain traction. 

This Jeff’s update about us breaking through the top 400K websites globally!


Another 8-month-old update from Jeff about Uptrennd so much has changed since these updates! 


So as we moved into June, we went from 100/200 new community members a month to 3x monthly member growth and hitting over 5,000 members! The summer was huge for us in the community, we saw 3x, 5x and 10x, by the end of the summer in terms of community growth.

We saw Jeff drop a little teaser for our then future tokenomics and of course, everybody was pumped to see what the plan was! With the Bomb Token really cementing deflationary currencies into the Crypto space gave us a great new avenue to explore which went down so well with all of you!

The big burn happened where 90% of 1UP tokens where burned leaving only 1 Billion tokens.



We moved into July in a very strong position and a community that was really starting to give birth to new content creators who found a passion for creating Crypto content because of Uptrennd! This was amazing to see and Jeff hit us with some great updates in July too and this is when we saw a break out in our member growth, over 1 million points were locked into the community accounts which is just awesome! 

Self-investment is the best type of investment!






We saw Uptrennd’s social media especially twitter on a breakout, So much great Original Content flowing out of the community! July was just a mega month and the start of our explosion in terms of Community members.

Double Milestone Month!


As we moved into August leaving the huge month of July behind August saw more milestones and updates, over 8,000 members and over 2,000 new unique members joining in august! 

After all the anxious waiting from you all, withdrawals were restarted and people started to get their hard-earned 1UP in their wallets, was amazing to see how happy people were when receiving their tokens, August saw more features and was another astronomical month!



September was an even bigger month seeing over 8,000 new unique members joining and a total of over 17,000! The upvote from the feeds changed along with changes to the leaderboard promoting Original Content and our weekly events in telegram were in full swing by now too, We saw Monday’s rain parties change to Monday Memes and the rain parties were something you really had to experience. 

September and October brought us some challenges which we yet again had to overcome and the upvote being taken away from the main feeds was the result of that. We are building a platform that provides an opportunity for those who spend time and effort on their content, we take plagiarism very seriously and will always take action to prevent people who just want to game/cheat the system because of this we had to remove the upvote from the main feeds and pause withdrawals however they would not stay paused for long!



We quickly dealt with these methods of gaming Uptrennd and went back to focusing on the things that really matter. 

The community grew 2x in October from what it was in September! We went into that month having a total of 17,459 community members and ended October with a total of 31,078 unique members! 

Jeff dropped the update for our tokenomics but this time with way more info and this was a huge announcement! We knew so many of you had been patiently waiting to see how Uptrennds tokenomics would look like in the future and from what we saw and what we believe the wait was well worth it :)


A quick look at some of the team who have been a huge part of Uptrennds journey! Without some of these people, we would not be here today! Some of us have dedicated our lives already to Uptrennd, myself included! Please excuse the vest, the photo was unexpected lol


October brought around a quality partnership between Uptrennd and Mobie Pay! This will lead to thousands of retailers accepting 1UP as a payment method in the near future and we are incredibly excited to be working with Mobie!


We moved into November even strong than we came into September/October just moving from strength to strength! 

First things first, Uptrennd hit the ABIC Malta Blockchain Summit and met Akon! (Jeff, Romana and Luke)

Meeting so many great projects and people in Malta, the Uptrennd word was definitely a big hit there with anybody we spoke to and no doubt have sparked interest from so many projects. 

We came back from Malta on a high as Jeff went onto Singapore and made even more awesome connections! 

Just some of Jeff’s thoughts from Malta.


Back to the platform!

Withdrawals went live and since stayed that way too!


We saw the “Earn” page go live and now everybody in the community can find hundreds of deals/offers where you can earn more through third party offers! 

There are offers from all over the world so there is something for everybody!


November was the start of a few exciting announcements! With Jeff talking about the XIO Blockchain Incubator and Uptrennd being the first nominated startup for that it brought many questions from the community so Jeff put together a Q&A for all so you could see our plans and vision going into the new year and progressing further within the Incubator with XIO Network and a video update with Jeff about these big updates coming!



This was also a huge month in terms of growth, seeing a total of over 44,000 community members and adding over 13,000 unique new members to this amazing community! 

We have had many content creators who use youtube posting their content on Uptrennd and its good to see that 11 months in and Uptrennd is home to some real quality Crypto content and content creators regardless of how big the following is! We appreciate you all and who could forget those who take time out of their day to read and watch this content, share their opinion! Without them what would be the point in creating content..

Another great partnership formed between Rapids Network and Uptrennd! 


Moving into December things kept leaping forward as the polls opened for XIO Networks Incubator which meant the XIO Citizens could then start staking their XIO towards either of the two projects in the vote (Uptrennd/Opacity Storage), just after 11 days over $20,000 had been staked in Uptrennd! 

Not long after the incubator started another brilliant partnership came around between Uptrennd and Presearch.org! A Decentralized Search Engine and we feel both of our visions go hand in hand! 


With the announcement of new features and mobile apps coming 2020 is lining up to be a very exciting year for us all here! 

December brought the community 24 Days of Celebrations with a new game/giveaway every day and currently now the finale is being battled out for 10,000 1UP between the last 4 standing from over 40 entries! 

The Fastest Growing and Most Engaged Blockchain Focused Social Media

There is also another huge Christmas giveaway going that Jeff has started for everybody so definitely check that out,


A quick reminder of why we need platforms like Uptrennd and why i believe Uptrennd will become the go-to platform for billions of people in years to come.


It’s looking like we are going to end December just past 51,000 community members and have over 7,000 new unique members who signed up! A great way to end 2019!

This is the end of my 2019 recap and i will be completely honest, i have not added everything and been very general with the topics I’ve chosen as by checking out these posts they will lead you to everything else.

I am so pumped and honoured to be here with you all and to be apart of the driving force here! I love every minute and met some amazing people, 2020 is going to be another explosive year for us all and i know we will only get stronger and grow as we move forward together so a massive thank you to everybody and i mean everybody in this community that comes here and supports this vision every day because they are just filled with passion! This couldn’t have been done without you.

Let’s take over social media ;) Looking forward to starting the new year with you all! 

Huge Respect!



aloha dreamer
24 Dec

Great recap Luke! It's very thought provoking to realize how this amazing platform started the year and what changes had to come as the community grew from only a few hundred to 50,000!

It seems that each challenge faced by Jeff and all of the admins only made Uptrennd stronger and more creative.  I'm so grateful to be part of the Uptrennd family!


mohammad hammad
24 Dec

Really awesome guys you did a perfect platform for us😍


Vesko Petkov
24 Dec

Hey, Luke, very nice recap! Great achievements, so far, for Uptrennd community! I am glad that I joined Uptrennd in March/April.
Hopefully 2020 will be even more prosperous for us all!


preview not available Luke Brenland
24 Dec

100% and its great to have you here man you have become part of the furniture here! :)


Kalu Chinedu
29 Dec

Nice historical development of the platform, welldone guys


Matthew Rosenquist
24 Dec

That is a great story arc, telling of success.

I have had the pleasure of joining this community and watching the platform grow.  Truly amazing.

I can't wait to see what 2020 holds for all of Uptrennd!


Abdullah Ghazi
24 Dec

Good review on 2019 achievements of uptrennd..! I completely read this post...! Lenghty but Good of increasing uptrennd platform 







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