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11 Jan
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Uptrennd 2.0

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Matthew Rosenquist 2 months ago

First, it is GREAT that we are expanding the discussion for the Uptrennd nation!

Second, the fact you are taking everyone's input is huge!  It again shows how the Dev's proactively engage the community and everyone's response drives the platform forward.  This is our Uptrennd!

Outstanding!  Truly outstanding!!

Jeff Kirdeikis 2 months ago

Uptrennd was always built to be a platform for the people :)

We will continue to involve the community increasingly more in decisions as we further our transition to community based decentralized governance!

Matthew Rosenquist 2 months ago

Uptrennd is so far ahead of every other social media platform when it comes to ethics, passion, a positive community, and real engagement!

Sam BTC 2 months ago

Gaming I think will be a natural extension so I am not surprised it currently has the highest votes.

Jeff Kirdeikis 2 months ago

Tons of audience overlap, agreed :) 

Kostas Tsakaloglou 2 months ago


I would like: Ecosystems restoration, off-grid alternative energy and eco-friendly farming.

ijatz La Hojita 2 months ago

Heellooo @Kostas! 

We definitely have topics to share about, you and me, cause these 3 themes are some of the lines we're working on in my ecological network :-p

Unfortunately, I guess they won't be included yet on Uptrennd, taking into account the fact that the item "Ecology" doesn't appear in the pre-established list the Uptrennd Team is submitting to our vote, here:

Kostas Tsakaloglou 2 months ago

Thanks  it's late here and I missed the link.

Jeff Kirdeikis 2 months ago

Ahhh these would have been GREAT to include!

Luckily we will be branching out into ALL topics soon anyways :) 

LOVE FOUNDATION 2 months ago

Wow this is super great and I am so happy for this new development.  It will surely help us teach more people about this platform without any limitations.  True,  knowledge in cryptocurrency is desirable and bringing in those with diverse knowledge is much desirable too. Thanks to the team.

єиgя. ѕαмєѕτ Olapade 2 months ago

This is great opportunity many are seeking for. Uptrennd always ready to listen to her Uptrennd complain and recommendations. 

Beautiful move from this corner...this will bring in more users and investor







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