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Uptrennd (1UP) Becomes First Nominated Startup to the XIO Blockchain Incubator

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Jeff Kirdeikis 1 month ago

Just like bomb re-invented tokenomics, I believe XIO has the potential to completely re-invent the startup and investment space.

Really looking forward to this journey with the XIO community :)

Luke Brenland 1 month ago

I am so excited about this! got my XIO waiting too :)

Uptrennd has some amazing ideas and plans for the future and i believe this can definitely help propel us towards them goals!

Thank you for keeping the community here updated about this Zach.

Dotun Deetee 1 month ago


Hey Zach, I am more than impressed of the nomination and deep details about uptrennd and the other project you nominated for the XIO incubation.

Well, I have been following up on your both projects; BOMB and XIO, which are both intriguing and abundant in prospects.

So glad about this, my XIO are currently jumping in my wallet, and can't wait for the polls opening.

Most thankful for bringing this to us Zach. 

Jan Bouda 1 month ago

This is a great offer for XIO holders. This strategic alliance  helps both projects.

Zachary welcome on Uptrennd.

I will watch the complete video tonight, it’s a very interesting info. 

Zachary don’t forget to level up.

Jarau Moses 1 month ago

Hehehe he needs to level up seriously, anyway he might not be after pints but just passing info here on Uptrennd!







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