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Hey uptrandians hope you're fine and good. 

Today i m posting about the uptrend application launched that how i feel about this and thanks to @adelan_o for arranging this contest... 

So i want to discus about the expectations that how i felt about that application and how much I have been waiting for this. 

​Expectations for application. 

​My expectation for this application is always very good and always hoping good and waiting for this application too that it may launched and we can open our site through that application it would be easier for us and also a time managing to. 

preview not available

​Application launched :-

So finally our wait is over and application has been launched it would be good for uptrandians too. 

preview not available

I will be thanks for launching the application. 

I has been using uptrennd for 3 months and its very good experience but we have to login with its application it would be easy for us. 

preview not available

This picture is made by my own self for the uptrend application. 

I very happy and excited for this and thanks that our wait for this application is over and bring fruitful. 


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Uwem Ekanem
24 Feb

Great entry dear. Everyone is so excited about the uptrennd App and I am eagerly waiting for for it to be launched. Nice memes. I wish you best of luck in the contest


rabail fatima
25 Feb

Hope for the best 


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