Hello Everyone

So I had @Timo Thee seat on the Hot Seat of UP, TREND & PERSONAL yesterday, and I can tell you it was really a hot seat. 

He was such a gentleman as he answered all the questions I threw at him even the question that had to do with his favorite sex position. Haha! Mind me not, after all, that's why it's a hot seat. And if you are not yet up to 18, please close your eyes. 😁

Okay, so get to it, watch the interview, and as you do, grab a bowl of popcorn and your favorite drink and enjoy it. 

Here are some of the questions off the camera he still answered.

Q1.Someone wants to know why you do not post frequently?

ANS. When I am on the platform, I tend to focus on my guardian responsibilities, so I tend to allocate a lower priority to the development of my own account. On days when I have time to do both, I do. On days when I only have time for one, I focus on guardianship. 

Q2. Someone would like to know how you keep fit and overcome laziness during this lockdown

ANS. I wish I knew the answer! Hahaha. My belly has been growing faster than the price of 1UP during this quarantine. 

The biggest factor for me is external motivation. I try to exercise several times a week with my brother, so we hold each other accountable when it comes to maintaining fitness,  or, at least, slowing our descent into unfitness. 

Q3.How long did you spend on the platform before becoming a guardian

ANS. I think it was about three months. 

Q4.Tell us your experience with downvotes.

ANS. Giving them or receiving them? 

When it comes to receiving them, I understand that I can’t make EVERYONE happy, so I don’t let it bother me. When it comes to giving them, I downvote any post that I think is threatening the goodness of our platform: lazy, generic, poorly crafted posts deserve all the downvotes in the world, just like great posts deserve all the upvotes. 

Q5.If you were given a chance to date any Uptrenndian, who would it be and why?

ANS. That’s a tough question! I have made some great friends on Uptrennd since joining, but I never really thought about anyone with a romantic mindset. I’ll have to go through my friend list later and come up with something later. Lolz

Q6. What's the most interesting fact about you that Uptrenndians do not know about

ANS. I think it’s probably my non-Uptrenndian job: I’m a chess teacher!


Winners from Dotun's Interview

1) Hope Avwerosuo (Ans Q1)

2) Faith Patrick ( Ans Q4)

Kindly DM to claim your prize.

And Thanks to @Dotun who also supported by donating tokens to all those who participated.  



First to correctly answer just one question wins the reward for the question.

One answer per person. Note please no multiple answering. No reward for such.

Each correct answer gets 10 Up tokens. Reward increases gradually.

Q1. What is Tim's wife's name?

Q2. Where did they both first meet and how old were they?

Q3.How long have they both known each other and how long have they been married?

Q4. What's the name of Tim's Uptrennd Crush?

Till I come your way again, I remain your host, the Lovejunkie for UP, TREND & PERSONAL



tori_ vickii
29 May

Q2 They met in high school and he was 16years while she 15year


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
29 May

🙄🙄🙄... I was the first to post it! I don't know why it didn't appear on time😭😭


Faith Patrick
29 May

Stop crying like a baby🤦🏽meanwhile Tori your answers.might get no.reward as the instructions was to answer just one


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
29 May

Lol! I'm a big baby! Call me Uncle Baby


tori_ vickii
29 May

Come and collect a gift for your worries


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
29 May

My Favorite Love coach! You are doing an awesome Job! You're brilliant! 😁😁... I love the work you're doing here...

I admire is calmness and sense of humor

Q3. They dated for 17 years and are married for almost 11 years


william karugo
29 May

very intresting


Faith Patrick
29 May

I've become super excited following uptrennd & personal. You're doing well @thelovejunkie😍

Never even knew he was married. I sure have seen another guardian full of humor. Ama click the follow button right away.

Answer to Q2: Tim and his wife first met at a Play back in high school. Tim's Wife was 15 then while he was 16.

woah. Such a long time. True love never dies. I forgot to say that they really have beautiful kids.

I'm glad I won in the last episode. Thanks


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
29 May

So you are even here! And I was calling you on WhatsApp

Nawa o... Please let me help you claim your price😁😁😁


Faith Patrick
29 May

You're greedy guy. You've been winning those karaoke contests softly without my knowledge. Now you want to eat here. Weldone oh


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
29 May

Ahnahn! Its not true! Shey you know we're two Fola's here on Uptrennd😂😂😂


Faith Patrick
29 May

Look at you😂Two faced man


preview not available Timo Thee
29 May

This was definitely a fun experience!

I love this series that you are running. It was great to be a part of it.


TheLoveJunkie Bee
30 May

It sure was Tim and Thank you so much for makig it a beautiful reality, because of your participation, it's waxing stronger. Cheers Bro







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