Hey Trenndians 

I had such an awesome time while having Dotun on the Hot Seat yesterday, you can tell from the interview. Hehe

 To be honest, I would have loved to ask him all the questions so we get to watch him answer all but we want to be kind on your data so the video doesn't take so much of it, that why some of the answers are written for you all to enjoy the mix of both. I hope you all prefer that! 

Without further ado, go ahead watch the video before you continue reading his remaining answered questions. And don't forget, the answers to the Question Trivia are locked up in the video. 😂 

Enjoy and Have Fun💃💃

 1. Question: We'd like to meet you. Tell us about where you're from, your background or growing up, educational qualifications, religion, likes, and dislikes. 

Answer: It is awesome to be on this episode of Up, Trend, and Personal. I am Dotun Awosika, a Senior Guardian of Uptrennd. I hail from Nigeria; based in Nigeria; a Crop scientist; specialized in plant Biotechnologist/Tissue Culture (Plant breeding).  I am  a graduate of Agronomy (BTech.) and Crop Science (MSc.), from The Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho, and University of Ibadan, Nigeria respectively. I am a Christian and believe all humans are equal but are diverse based on opportunities, space, and time.

 I am a sucker for nature in all forms by exploring and traveling to countries, view the oceans, visit forests, mountain hikes, etc. I love people being simple, plain, and always loyal to improving whatever I lay my hands on; from relationships with projects, work, and family. I dislike sneaky, disloyal, and people who trample on others (females/males).

 2. Question:  Tell us briefly how you came to join Uptrennd and be a part of the Uptrennd team. 

Answer: Uptrennd became my home and community right from the moment I heard; "You do not need to invest money: all you need is your knowledge, time, browsing device(s) and internet". A friend @Osato referred me to Uptrennd after he explained how Uptrennd works. I instantly yarned to join up. I topped Leaderboard and retained the first position for a while in different weeks. Then, one day which has been just about 1 month of being on the platform, @Luke DM me on Telegram, telling me of my quality engagements and expressed that, it will great to have me on the Uptrennd team. I was entirely blown away and was glad to have been found responsible to serve and join the course in revolutionizing the social media world.

 3. Question: What has helped the most in strengthening your marriage? 

Answer: To be honest, friendship has played a vital role in establishing proper understanding, mutual respect, Sacrifice, and above all; God.

 4. Question: What would you do if you found your wife cheating on you? 

Answer: I have never for once had this thought crawl into my mind. I made a vow to trust my wife no matter what and I do not see this ever happening.

 5. Question: Have you ever cheated on your wife?

 Answer: Yes, I have, to be honest; I keep telling my wife that I am cheating on her with Uptrennd; because I sometimes doze off by my laptop or the countless times of crashing in the living room with my phone dropping severally while dozing and uptrennding....lol.😂😂

 6. Question: Would you describe yourself as a faithful lover? To you, how important is faithfulness to a love relationship?

 Answer: Loyalty is my core strength and I brought this 100% to my marriage; years have passed by, through thick and thin, we are here still sowing here. Faithfulness is essential in all ways and it is also relative by definition in my opinion as it cuts beyond the cheating aspect, but stays faithful with openness and backing each other in all ways believing that we are one flesh regardless.

 7. Question: Share with us three of the most important things you've learned about love. 

Answer: Love is a sacrifice in all ways believe it or not. Love priceless, yet fully esteemed; it is freely given and expect nothing back in return. Love is Life and Life is God; so God is Love. 

8. Question: If you were given a chance to date any Uptrenndian, who would it be and why? 

Answer: Well, this is not going to happen, but since you insist that I must answer the question; it will be either @Romana or @Jeff 

@Romana because she is so simple and I see a lot of myself in her (hard-working, focused, passionate, loyal, and people loving); Imagine I gave her a Nigerian name 'Funmilola'; which she added to her TG name.

 @Jeff because he has literally mentored another phase of my life. He is also one of the rare persons who have made me feel unique in all ways and I can never trade that for anything, to be honest. 

My Wall Of Fame

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Rules First to correctly answer just one question wins the reward for the question. 

One answer per person. Note please no multiple answering. No reward for such. 

Each correct answer gets 20 Up tokens. Reward increases gradually. 

Q1.  When did Dotun propose to Busola? 

Q2. What's that African belief according to Dotun about Marriage? 

Q3.  How does Dotun spice up their sex life? 

Q4.  What other businesses is Dotun into?

Till I come your way again, I remain your host, the Lovejunkie for UP, TREND & PERSONAL.💞💃



Richard Junaid
23 May

Wow wow wow... What a nice opportunity getting to know the Man called @Dotun Deetee, you are indeed a man of awesome qualities and disciplined background.. 

Your life has given a special and rare opportunity to the youths on Uptrennd to choose a responsible life of dedication and mutual Respect.  Keep soaring high like an Eagle sir... You are Unstoppable



Deborah Adeniran
23 May

It was nice watching the interview...Here is my answer to the questions asked.

1. Dotun Proposed to Busola on the 31st of December,2016

2.Dotun's African belief about marriage is that, when you step into marriage,you don't step out irrespective of what you are going through in it..

3.Dotun spice up their sex life by havingsex with his wife in the strangest places(going to beaches,exploring,lodging in new places)

4. Dotun is also in men fashion line(sells wears,jackets,suits,trousers)

Dotun has donated 5 points to Deborah Adeniran 2 months ago


TheLoveJunkie Bee
29 May

You were supposed to answer just one naaa, and you answered them correctly. Please biko next time answer just one, that's the rule.



Shahzaib Tariq
22 May

Wow You did great job That was a great thing,



Becky Smith
22 May

The success of uptrennd is our responsibility... making money here should not be our goal... we should learn to publish nice and informative post to educate readers



TheLoveJunkie Bee
23 May

Absolutely, making money is just added advantage. Uptrennd is a whole lot more.



Promzy Elisha
22 May

It's beautiful to have Mr Dotun on the hot seat. Some his answers were weird and filled with sacarsm and I couldn't help but laugh. You have a wonderful and fulfilling life already and I pray that you keep on shinning



TheLoveJunkie Bee
23 May

Hahaa that's Dotun for you sis.








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