Good Morning Uptrennd Nation

Despite the situation of things up here in my country, I have decided not to remain depressed. Gosh, I cried my heart out on Wednesday morning after seeing innocent lives been maimed and wasted, all because they spoke up asking for better governance in this country. Well, friends, the fight continues and the prayers won't cease. Nigeria will be great.

It's with great joy I bring you all the next guest for UP, TREND & PERSONAL Episode 18 today. Its nhado other person but the beautiful and talented Esma Sid.

I got to know her after she was made a Guardian and to be honest, she is one of a kind. Her posts before and after Guardianship gets a lot of traction and after having chats with her, the mystery has been dissolved. 

She's such a sweet personality and so beautiful. I thought her profile picture was the real her until she sent me her pics, I must say she's even more beautiful. Haha

Okay, lovers of Uptrennd, let's get to know the charming Esma Sid on a personal level. Kindly drop your questions in the comment section below. And please don't forget to cease praying for us in Nigeria.

It's Always One Love.




Hamza Ashraf
25 Oct

@TheloveJunkie that will be your most interesting session🌸

@Esma Sid is a talented and amazing Guardian on uptrennd. Her all posts are well organized and professionally portrayed✨

I got to know her when she became Guardian because i joined uptrennd at that time.

My questions for her 

What impresses her most in someone's personality?

Which qualities she likes to have in her life partner?

Best of luck @Esma Sid for this personal episode💞


TheLoveJunkie Bee
25 Oct

Thanks Hamza. Apparently i hear she's married


Amal Fatima
26 Oct

@love junkie I am excited for this interview😍 because she is my inspiration on Uptrennd and I want to know about her personality. 😊She is beautiful humanbeing with golden heart. 🌟

Well my question are 

1.How she joined uptrennd? 

2.What do you like to do in your spare time? 

3.How she feel when she becomes guardian of uptrennd? 

4.Who is his/her inspiration on Uptrennd? 

5.How do you become such a professional?

6.What is meaning of life according to her? 

7.What are your goals?

8.What motivates you to succeed? 

9.Give a message to uptrennd family?

I hope she answer my questions ☺️


Ayesha Malik
25 Oct

Finally, we are going to see our dearest guardian Mam Esma sid;

She is beautiful by heart and by her face🥰

No doubt such talented ladies are blessings 

My question is how she manages her time for writing in the hectic routine of supervising her profession and family?

And what would be her advice for achieving success???

I hope she would answer these questions 😊


Faizan Azhar
24 Oct

Thanks for the interview about the Esma Sid.. I was really desperate to knwo about her . I just want to know that how much Education that she has.. R what is she still studying???


TheLoveJunkie Bee
25 Oct

Thanks Faizan, Questiom noted.


Soni Rajput R
25 Oct

Esma sid is very talented and charming Guardian.   She is a very good contents writer and having many knowledge.  I am waiting to know about her life history and success story as a uptrennd  Guardian.  

Who invited you to in the platform?

What are your feelings when you announced as a guardian? 


TheLoveJunkie Bee
25 Oct

Thank you Soni, Question noted.







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