Yeah, we made it! I exclaim loudly to my empty room, and I immediately regret typing "exclaim" because if I am honest I only said it in a very dull voice in my head.

So, untitled blog post number 15. That is nice, right? Sure it is. It means that this is the 15th time I have made the effort to write something with no clue what I want to write about. It does not, however, mean it is only the 15th time that I did not know what to post. That is all the other times.

I have been spending some more time on twitter again, and like most things, it goes in phases so I do expect to be sick of it in about 12 hours.

I had a discussion or passing snark remarks in quick succession between two parties about what these crypto social platforms are. It was very boring and pointless but did fill the emptiness while I waited for the kettle to boil.

It seems like I am always looking for something to do but never doing anything until I do something but by that point, I am bored of it and wish there was something else, anything really that I could be doing.

Black Lives Matter is a touchy subject. I wonder if it is inappropriate to call it a subject, as in maybe it should be Black Lives Matter is a touchy Queen? Then again they don't support LGBQ..10 1 / 23 =

There really is not much left that is worth getting all upset anymore, but on the other hand I think the right would be very confused if the left stopped bitching about stuff.

I did mention this is a blog post about nothing in particular or did I just say it is because I can't think of anything. It is both... I can't think about anything in particular. For the nitpickers out there.

I have this continuation for a story that for all intents and purpose is complete but it could continue if I wanted it to. If only I could figure out the nature of dark vs light which does concern me.

I think that humans are inherently the only things that can truly be evil by nature so in my story I don't like using the evil stereotype for dark but I obviously see the use of having it seem so. Frankly, the light is far worse than the dark because the "dark" is honest about its nature and within that is the only one that lives within its true nature which is the closest to enlightened or godlike or good.

In the story obviously, in reality people are evil and learn to be good and that is just how it is. Anyone that does not accept the rules that come with consciousness and the ability to reason based on thousands of years worth of humanity refining these exact skills more than likely does not deserve to live.

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Tiger Lily
16 Jun

if this is my favorite story.... please please please

please continue it!!!!

i love it!!!! i want to see what happens!!!!



preview not available Lucas S
16 Jun

Well, I cant totally disagree with you point about the dark being true to its intentions. The light are often thus on the outside, but dark motives stir beneath the surface. Interesting ramble for the night, thanks



Saleem Khan
16 Jun

Hi, so beautiful words of yours thanks for sharing.



xen der
16 Jun

Congrats dear



Hifza Suleiman
16 Jun

Hey there , you are really amazing.

nature has so much beauty hidden inside itit we must take carecare if it








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