UNITEDCROWD_Provides You With A Digital Financing

UnitedCrowd enables tokenization in compliance with regulations. Our Tokenization Framework is an automated solution for digitizing values, including all rights and obligations contained in them, by issuing a token that is registered in a distributed ledger technology (DLT) infrastructure. The resulting tokens represent the digitized form of these values, which can be transmitted via the blockchain.

With a regulatory-compliant and responsible tokenization, the business model offers a solution for financing difficulties of companies and needs of investors alike. For the implementation of our solution a technical solution was developed, which is based on four dynamically connected pillars: Tokenization Platform, Tokenization Framework, Multi Wallet and the Community Token. To solve the difficulties of many companies in implementing a compliant and successful Tokenization, these technical components are supplemented by adaptive services. An integral part of our solution is the UnitedCrowd Community, a network of investors to which we offer active participation and access to exclusive investment opportunities.

UnitedCrowd is provides you with a digital financing tool tailored to your needs. Our online platform enables you to acquire investors worldwide, attract customers and expand your community.

Info & Token Economy

  • Max token supply = 800m tokens

  • Circulating supply = 200m tokens

  • Market limit = $ 16.0m

  • Initial supply = 200000000

  • Token type = ERC-20

  • Issuer = UnitedCrowd

Allocation of tokens

  • Main Sale (28%)

  • Pre Sale (4%)

  • Private Sale (32%)

  • Referral (8%)

  • Bounty (2%)

  • Community (5%)

  • Team & Advisors (14%)

  • Company reserve (7%)

Use of funds

  • Marketing 31%

  • Development 27%

  • Legal 6%

  • Company Reserve 11%

  • Repurchase 25%

Community Token (UCT)

We strive to build a strong community, with the following token core values ​​and benefits: With the acquisition of UCT, token owners automatically become members of our UnitedCrowd community. As such, they are entitled to participate in Delegated Governance and benefit in accordance with the decisions that the community makes through the governance system. Owners of the token are able to vote on proposed modifications in equal proportion to the amount of tokens they hold. Different Community Rewards are used to motivate users to join the platform and / or take advantage of future products and services. In addition, we distribute Airdrop Tokens to individuals, developers, companies or start-ups who are willing to create or promote interesting tools, services or dApps via UnitedCrowd. Furthermore, token owners are granted Pre-sale Rights for selected pre-sale tokens. In addition, UnitedCrowd will implement a Token Repurchase Program. As part of this Token Repurchase Program, UCT will be bought back by UnitedCrowd on the market and held by the company in the Collateral Pool for further expansion of the community. 25% of the token sale proceeds and 10% of the monthly turnover are reserved for this.

"We are continuously developing additional use cases to expand our community functions."

Token Values

  • Delegated Governance

  • Pre-emptive rights

  • Community Rewards

  • Token Repurchase Program

  • Airdrop Token

  • Collateral Pool

Easy financing

  • Digital financial products offer easy access to capital

  • for companies with funding gaps and create growth


  • Direct investment.

  • Digital financial products enable direct investments.

  • in companies that can be traded securely and transparently via the blockchain.

Our solution AssetTokenization as a Service.

  • Blockchain Security & transparency

  • Multiple asset classes (Equity, Debt, dll)

  • Increase liquidity

  • Reduction of intermediaries

  • Compliant with regulations

  • Online Platform

  • Tokenization Framework

  • Client- & Admin-Backend

  • Custody Wallet

  • Community Token


UnitedCrowd launched a token with the name UCT token this will serve as a token utility. By holding UCT tokens, you support UnitedCrowd's vision of being "The Fіrѕt Tokenization Accelerator". By purchasing UCT, investors are not only supporting UnitedCrowd but also high-quality start-ups that UnitedCrowd will be tokenized for. Investing in UCT means crowdfunding the promising Crowdsales portfolio.

A maximum of 800 Million UCT will be generated on Ethereum - Blockchain. UCT will only be issued by UnitedCrowd and the number of UCTs cannot be increased by mining or other means. We only issue UCT quantities that have actually been sold or reserved for other purposes according to Token Allocation. Thus, there will be no overproduction and the UCT amount will be determined at the end of the Token Sale.

  • Name: UnitedCrowd token

  • Symbol: UCT

  • Type: ERC-20

  • Pre-Sales: 11 - 12 February 2021 14:00 CET

  • Main Sale: 16 February - 16 March 2021 14:00 CET

  • Softcap: 200,000,000 UCT

  • Hardcap: 515,000,000 UCT

  • Max Total Amount: 800,000,000 UCT

  • Price: 1 € / 50 UCT

  • Pre-Sale Bonus: 25%

  • Trading Pair: UCT / ETH

Tokens that are issued and will be allocated according to the following distribution:

  • Private Sales 32.68% = 261,400,000

  • Pre Sales 3.75% = 30,000,000

  • Main Sales 27.95% = 223,600,000

  • Reference 7.81% = 62,500,000

  • Prize 1.56% = 12,500,000

  • Community 4.63% = 37,000,000

  • Teams & Advisors 14.13% = 113,000,000

  • Company Reserves 7.5% = 60,000,000

Invest for the right reasons, Today everyone has the opportunity to invest in startups. Do it because you like the founders, the product, the vision, or do it for the money. But always remember that startup investing is very risky. But at UnitedCrowd everything will be fine, because UnitedCrowd:

✓Stay flexible

You can buy, sell and trade your investments on crypto exchanges.

✓Startup tested

All startups you can invest in must successfully pass our comprehensive due diligence process.

✓Funding the future 

Entrepreneurs innovate and can change the world with their visions. By funding them, you too can change the future.

On the UnitedCrowd platform, you can track the fundraising process for your project around the clock. The very comfortable and intuitive interface of the software application will be understandable even by inexperienced users and Its design will not leave you indifferent. On the UnitedCrowd platform you will get some benefits. On the platform you are asked for the following.

  • Individual layout means that you will be assisted to develop an interface layout according to your parameters and needs.

  • UnitedCrowd operates on a blockchain network and therefore reliably protects your data.

  • All material related to your project will be available for potential investors to view via the platform.

  • All UnitedCrowd investors are vetted and verified.


If you are developing a unique product online and trying to find investors, then UnitedCrowd is perfect for you. UnitedCrowd, registered in Germany, makes all transactions as safe as possible and the UnitedCrowd development team consists only of highly qualified specialists and experts in their fields, all of them public and available on social networks (you can get to know the composition of the team by visiting the official website).

You can find out more about the UnitedCrowd platform on the official website. Also, in order not to miss news and updates in the project, subscribe to projects on social networks.


Website: https://unitedcrowd.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UnitedCrowd_com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnitedCrowd

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/unitedcrowd

Instragram: https://www.instagram.com/unitedcrowd_com

Telegram: https://t.me/UnitedCrowd

Bitcointalk Username: Ciprut2605
Bitcointalk Profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2809573
Telegram username: @ciprut2605



zdigital 22
28 Feb

Great post. This blockchain thing is unlimited in posibilities. Can you imagine tokenizing the water we drink. We will have cryptos for water, electricity, oxygen and so on.


ciprut 2605
05 Mar

thanks zdigital 22, let's support UNITEDCROWD together.


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