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15 Feb
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Omar Faridi 1 month ago

Social media like anything can be extremely effective if used properly. I make hundreds of dollars each month from connections I meet via LinkedIn. But it's all about how you network and some important things you need to do with your profle/daily routine. They are not hard but not very obvious, until you do your research.

Basuuta Marianne 1 month ago

Like seriously,i  take linkedin for network there is not big there , may be im not serious, but i would love to know more.


Omar Faridi 1 month ago

The reason I know this is because I write around 12 articles at least each day on Fintech, Crypto, Blockchain. 

(My profile: )

So every day, whoever I write about, I send them a LinkedIn connection request so they at least know who I am. When they accept my request, then they are on my timeline or feed so I can see the latest updates from their companies. This helps me write the best news.

My LinkedIn stays on from the time I wake up to when I sleep. So I am always answering messages fast. And there are many special promotions and deals they give you when you are so active.

Mustapha Mohammed Jeremiah 1 month ago

Uptreend is totally different. it's a platform that reward you for your effort. and also keeping your data and privacy secured. We are unique dear.

Athar Saleem 1 month ago

That's nice there's, at last smile on the face of Queen; after she finds 🆙trennd.

Basuuta Marianne 1 month ago

Hahaha funny indeed, we get the queen on

Godwin Imafidor 1 month ago

Uptrennd is such a unique platform and very easy to navigate.







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