Unifyre wallet, one wallet endless possibilities

Hi Uptrennd community!

The release of UniFyre wallet is coming, the team and the whole community are thrilled of this great and important release!

UniFyre is a mobile multy-currency non-custodial wallet with unique and awesome features no other wallets have! I mean:

  • High level security: unparalleled security, you completely control your private key, a part of it is on the device, the remaining part is on the UniFyre server, only accessible by the user. In addition, a double cloud back up system is available, part of the key on Unifyre, another on Google server. This represent a way to backed up your key, only you are granted to access both the servers;

  • Link Drops Technology: you will be able to send crypto to anyone just by sending them a link over any medium, Telegram, e-mail, Facebook, What’s App, ..... you won't need to know the address of the recipient! You can also encode in the link a secret word, this guarantees that only the recipient can access the link because he is supposed to know the secret word. As the team wrote, "with UniFyre Wallet, sending cryptocurrency is as easy as sending a text message";

  • In-app fiat ramps: you will be able to buy cryptocurrencies with debit or credit card for low fees; 

  • In-app staking: you will be able to stake any erc-20 token;

  • User-experience: UniFyre is build to be easy to use, for everyone!

The community vision is very important and valuable for Ferrum Network. Community members can participate in this great and unique project suggesting useful features, suggesting what tokens to take into consideration for a listing, and so forth. Ferrum Network believes to the community and any member has the chance to contribute! 

In anticipation to the launch of UniFyre, the team released the new UniFyre Wallet website and began the pre-launch marketing campaign!

Please, read this medium article with all the detail regarding UniFyre, the marketing campaign, the features available at first.


Just an advice from my side, download and give a try to UniFyre when will be released, you really can take several advantages adopting it to store your money in a secure way, to send your money in a safe way!

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