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26 Mar
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UniFyre Wallet: how link drops are going to revolutionize the world of Wallets.

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Safari Bangz 1 week ago

So many wallets.... Anyways this one looks dope

henry barzin 1 week ago

a lot of wallet, that's true.
But this one offers a lot of things that the others don't!
One of them is the ability to retrieve your private key if you lose it.

Farman Khan 1 week ago

Good wallet having so many amazing qualities and function.

The problem is that it all depends upon the refferal that which wallet is reffer to us by our seniors

henry barzin 1 week ago

at this level I have no worries, there are already well over 90,000 registrations while the promotion campaign has only just begun.

Juan Luis Suarez 1 week ago

I see this very interesting, how long have you been using that wallet?

henry barzin 1 week ago

0 day lol, it's due to launch in a few days.
This is just the promotional campaign and pre-registration.

Stephen Daedalos 1 week ago

This is going to be a revolution for wallets. Imagine simple and secure fiat gateways inside your wallet. Awesome!

henry barzin 1 week ago

No doubt, competition has its worries, lol.
and when the mainnet is there, it will be even better with almost instantaneous BTC transactions.

Jay Man 1 week ago

This is a very informative post thanks for the update


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