UniFyre Wallet: Community Benefits

Ferrum Network is going to launch its new wallet, UniFyre

Today the team released some detail with regards all the community members: Community Benefits includes and describes very important key features!

Community Reward System

The reward system for the community:

  • To make communal decisions regarding the features of the wallet!

  • To decide what to include, what to develop, what to prioritize!

  • To nominate and vote projects to list on UniFyre wallet!

  • To get airdrops for each new listing

  • To get rewards for each AMA

For instance, top FRM holders will have the right to nominate projects to list on UniFyre, and the community will be given the opportunity to vote on those listing proposals.

Rewards depends on the specific tier the user belongs:

  • Ironhands (Tier 1): if you hold 100,000–250,000 FRM in UniFyre

  • Gold Miners (Tier 2): if you hold 250,001–750,000 FRM in UniFyre

  • Titanium Masters (Tier 3): if you hold 750,001 FRM in UniFyre

According to the tier you are part of, you'll get 1.5x 2x 3x rewards for each event (AMA, new listing, and so forth)

Take a look at the following medium article to know all the detail!

UniFyre Wallet: Community Benefits by Ian M. Friend, Esq.: https://link.medium.com/tA65SYzSa5

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Stephen Daedalos
26 Mar

This will be a great addition to ferrum networks revenue stream and almost a revolution for making crypto simple and secure! Bring it on.


Crypto Biker
26 Mar

I really believe that UniFyre will change the way people approache this space. And also I think there will be lot of projects which will book their listing!


Alex Icocatapult
26 Mar

Is this wallet for african market only?


Crypto Biker
26 Mar

UniFyre is a multi-currency crypto wallet, for everyone, high security, Link Drop is unique, and the Rewards program is quite good. You have to try it as released.


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