*Phone Rings*

"Oh sh*t!!! That must be Jane calling, she must be so worried..." I thought to myself as I reached for my pockets to pull out my phone

"Excuse me guys... just a minute... I need to take this call..."

"Hehehehe... That must be Jane right???" asked Pirate Q

With a wicked smile... I winked at him as I backed up slowly into the kitchen...

"Hello, Babe..." I answered the call

"Where are you?? Don't Babe me just yet... I woke up just now and you were nowhere to be found?? Where did you go?" Jane questioned

"Babe, I am so sorry... you were so fast asleep when Ti-Elle called us all for an urgent meeting... and you know how much I hate to disturb your nap time..." 

"Awwwwn Babe, you could have left me a message or a note... I was so worried and scared when I woke up..."

"Oh don't worry, you pretty little doveyyyy... We're all at Ti-Elle's and things are getting really spicy in here.... Another package came in from the mysterious Mr E... We're still trying to figure it out... We don't know just yet what it is about... But it seems as though a party is coming up this week..."

"A party????" Jane asked....

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!! Everyone in the dining exclaimed as Ti-Elle stepped out of her room in her glamourous gift of a dress from Mr E.

"Babe... Let me call you back... Will call you back soon... I love you... Bye..."

*Call ends*

"Woooooooooots!!! You look Amazingly Astonishing... I am in awe of you Ti-Elle..." I said as I stepped into the dining room...

"I know right!!!" Double E affirmed... "I never imagined Mr E would get her perfect size right... But here we are, all astounded..."

"I am beyond impressed and very excited," Eekay Gee said while dancing around the room...

"Hmmmmm... Speaking of Mr E, I can't seem to wrap my head around all these mystery gifts, letters, boxes and games from him... What are his motives and intentions, what game is he playing at??" I questioned...

"Well, I am not sure what to make of it either, but all these feels like he is for us and not against us..." Pirate Q firmly responded and the others nodded with smiles all on their faces...

"Well, I certainly can't deny that this feels all good... But I have watched so many movies and sometimes these things really do go south... All I am just saying is we must thread carefully and remain united all through this... Just some extra caution while we enjoy all of these... What do you think Ti-Elle?" I beckoned

"You all certainly have a point..." Ti-Elle answered, "but we're all together in this and together we would go through this one step at a time in UNIFIED UNITY... So right now, Let's show Mr E what we have got by getting ready for the party and the challenge ahead... Shall we guys???"

"Yes... Yes... We shall..." We chorused and cheered with fist bumps...

Who is ready to Partyyyyyyyyyy????

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There is my Avatar of how I look in Uptrennd city... Hehehehehe

[email protected]_Jay~

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Tiger Lily
23 Feb

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the conversation continuing but the avatar is TOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
24 Feb

Hahahahaha... You have me all blushing! Hehehehehehe! 

Thank you sweetest mom


Ifiok Eso
23 Feb

I could see that Ti - Elle beautiful dress really got you there, that you had to end the call to shower her with Praises.I think i should also contact Mr E to make me a fine dress like Ti - Elle own, so that i can also get ready for the party. Lol..


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
24 Feb

Lmao! You want a dressssss???? LOLOLOLOL.. Come join us in uptrennd city! And you just might be surprised! LOL


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
23 Feb

The conversation was awesome and I love it.

The avatar too really make alot of sense too.


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
24 Feb

Hahahahaha!... I am glad you love the conversation! LOLOLOLOL

... and the avatar! LOL


Ogunleye Oluwafemi olawale
24 Feb

Yeah I do love it and they are all on point.try to keep it up.


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