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Upon discovery of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)  the power of centralized finance shifted ground which gave rise to blockchain and it therefore led to the birth of crypto currencies which is now seen as the most secured, transparent, reliable, less difficult, fast, less transaction fee etc with no central control over it. This has so far yielded and recorded successful blockchain platforms and it has incorporated so many cryptocurrencies running on them with good perspectives and ideologies. The inception of DeFi has created room for many projects running on the Ethereum platform and this has attracted hugh investors and investments which made the crypto market taking over the global economy. However as a result of this, there has been series of projects and competitors on the  various blockchain platform battling to remain at the top with lots of features they are showcasing to the blockchain domain and the world at large. DeFi is unique in the sense that it has break-en barriers and limitations which implies that everyone individual is free to participate in the DeFi platforms. UNICAP is one amongst the best with is features that has not been surpassed by any. Outstanding performance and Unique in the making.


UNICAP by is uniqueness has shown a great distinguished feature from the others on the same platform and however, by its performance, rates the genuity, reliability, trustworthiness and consistency of the project as the best. The project UNICAP.FINANCE is a DeFi project that runs on the ethereum blockchain and it offers a broad spectrum Decentralized Financial products coupled with Crypto Exchange Traded Fund (CETF). This allows for trading of crypto currencies by exchanging, lending, borrowing, staking, farming, liquidity investment pool etc  which takes place in regular hours (24/7) with advance trading mechanisms which ensures profitability in the trading activities. The UNICAP project was established by FINEXPO  which has been in existence since 2002 and are the owners of IQ.cash and Master.Money. UNICAP as a CETF is attractive because of its investments opportunity, funds security, low costs, asset aggregation, and tradability. By the creation of  Collective Crypto Investment Fund on the UNICAP Platform, users opportunities to  earn several additional profits from their inactive crypto assets through creation of a Collective Crypto Investment Fund.  


UNICAP DeFi Bank is a digital cryptocurrency deposit and loan protocol which supports deposit, withdrawal, borrowing and also paying back as at when due or agreed time interval between both parties through an automatic process and procedures designed through the smart contracts deployed on the blockchain mechanism which investors can easily obtain their profits and returns without any delay or hindrances and borrowers after presenting appropriate collateral and meetup with the criteria,  can quickly and easily obtain financial support or aid. Users of the  UNICAP DeFi Bank can be  able to earn profits through deposit of  their crypto digital assets in the smart contract and they can obtain loan, and are allowed to lend any amount of their digital cryptocurrency that is within the system. With this, users do not  need to pay attention to time interval and they can withdraw or pay anytime,irrespective  of the facts that it is a deposit or a loan.  

The UNICAP DeFi Bank adopts an algorithm-driven interest rate model,by which interest rate is automatically fixed in accordance to the  changes in the relationship between supply and demand that adjust factors such as the total size of loans and the amount of pool supply. In terms of the adjustment and control of loans, the Bank sticks to the following principles;

  • When the lending amount in the loan pool is low: loan interest rate increases slowly to encourage borrowers to borrow from the loan pool; 

  • And when the lending amount in the loan pool is high, or even close to saturation, loan interest rate increases quickly to boost deposit interest rate and encourage lenders to deposit more pools to the loan pool. 

The adjustment by algorithm can ensure that the loan pool develops and increases healthily.


The Crypto Exchange Traded Funds (CETF) are tokenized into UCAP tokens which shows that funds are sustained by genuine Crypto Assets which are into exchanging and these assets are tokenized into UCAP tokens apportioned to every investors. 

This ideas is very splendid and profoundly maintainable. It shows that UCAP tokens held by every investor are collaterized and sustained by  CETF  and in the event of any liquidation, financial investors get an alternative means of fund recovery.

Token Symbol:  UCAP  

Token Type:     erc-20 

Blockchain:      Ethereum 

Legal Classification:  Utility Token 

Total Supply:   100,000,000 

Private Swap: 250,000 UCAP (0.20%) at USD 0.8 per UCAP 

Pre Public Swap Level 1:  300,000 UCAP (0.30%) at USD 0.8 - 1 per UCAP 

Pre Public Swap Level 2: 500,000 UCAP (0.50%) at USD 0.9 – 1.1 per UCAP

Pre Public Swap Level 3: 500,000 UCAP (0.50%) at USD 1 – 1.2 per UCAP

Sale Level 4: 500,000 UCAP (1%) at USD 1.1 – 1.3 per UCAP

Sale Level 5: 500,000 UCAP (1%) at USD 1.2 – 1.4 per UCAP

Sale Level 6: 1,000,000 UCAP (1%) at USD 1.3 – 1.5 per UCAP 

Sale Level 7- 100: 1,000,000 UCAP (1%) each level at USD 1.4 - 20 per UCAP


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                                                                                THE UNICAP ECOSYSTEM

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Token Address: 0xbaA70614C7AAfB568a93E62a98D55696bcc85DFE 

Uniswap info.:   https://info.uniswap.org/token/0xbaA70614C7AAfB568a93E62a98D55696bcc85DFE

CoinmarketCap link: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/unicap-finance/

For further information and to reach out to the team of the UNICAP.Finance the below links would be useful;

WEBSITE: https://ucap.finance/ 

REFFERAL LINK: https://invest.unicap.finance/?referral=736:6bc2

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/unicapfinance

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/unicapfinance/ 

BTT. ANN:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5278941

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/unicapfinance

AUTHORS BTT NAME: cruizmaster

ETH ADDRESS: 0xbc79c174ea7254dee22c3e7247c08d216486254a


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