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UNICAP Defi platform is a decentralized exchange known as UNICAP Bank is a crypto trading platform designed to ensure security and transparency of trading. Trading activities are carried out in a decentralized manner and traders take control and manage their funds and assets through their Private keys. Under this trading system, the trader's identity is kept secret while the intermediary service is completely by passed.

We are gradually moving into the technological era where computing power is the fuel of modern technology. Computer processing power is needed to drive the ever-evolving and increasing aspects of technology. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, cloud computing, and blockchain technology are just a few of them. It has become a commodity as demand continues to grow UNICAP DeFi Blockchain.

The mission of Unicap Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform:

Unicap Coin is to open up the cryptocurrency market for everyone with an interesting variety of products and services. As a trustworthy company, we are driving blockchain adoption and offering a safe and easy way to take part in the future of financial markets. The UCAP Token blockchain platform is all designed with a unique set of features that make it outstanding for its users and crypto (digital) currency traders, etc.

These days, you can buy anything with cryptocurrency - from working UNICAP Exchange to the best supercars. However, when it comes to grocery shopping or buying a latte at your favorite cafe, it returns to the good old fiat currency.

 Cryptocurrency Loan Protocol. UNICAP DeFi Bank is a crypto digital currency deposit and loan protocol that supports deposit, withdrawal, as well as borrowing and paying at any time. 

Lend, Borrow, and Earn Interest plus other Rewards:

The ability to lend, borrow, and earn interest in a trustless way is a fundamental breakthrough for financial markets. Unicap will offer the full stack of technologies that would make this a reality.

Unicap finance is focused on decentralizing finance with the goal of bringing the security, transparency, and inclusiveness of open-source software to the financial world.

Ecosystem key Features Of UNICAP:

This are some of the features that make us stand out among our competitors.

  • Safe & Secure : Fully audited smart contracts. Users experience the most transparent, sustainable distribution of risk, ever

  • Viable : Lend risk free, collect ‘Collateral’ earn ‘Interest’ in liquidity pools, underwrite loans for a fee.

  • Trustless : Trade with no counterparty risk. Remain in control of your funds at all times.

  • Liquidity : Unicap aggregates spot and lending liquidity across multiple assets.

  • No Registration, No KYC : No sign up required. Start lending & borrowing from anywhere in the world Unicap.



An automated market making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) currently on the Ethereum blockchain. Unicap Swap enables a wide range of decentralized use cases by allowing any wallet, website, and application to integrate instant token exchange directly into their application logic,

  1. Instant Settlement: Immediate token-token settlements

  2. Straightforward Integration: No interaction with off-chain components

  3. Fully On-chain: Multiple exchanges in a single transaction. Fully transparent and verifiable.

  4. Liquidity Aggregation: Get the best token rates from multiple liquidity sources

  5. Customizable Business Model: Ability to customise your own spread

  6. Safe & secured: Fully audited smart contracts. Users experience the most transparent, sustainable distribution without ever losing funds.


Unicap Swaps are intended to make trading cryptographic money a fast and consistent cycle. All UCAP Token Swap orders are chained, which implies they are responsible for changing organizational conditions. A number of basic assertions are also required for an asset to be fully considered. This component can affect the time it takes to complete the request. When you save and get a reserve of Swap requests, each of these exchanges is handled by their comparison organization. Depending on network conditions, your Swap request might take a lot of effort to complete.


For more details connect to UNICAP DeFi 

Website: https://invest.unicap.finance/?referral=725:82f2

Telegram: https://t.me/unicapfinance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unicapfinance

Whitepaper: https://ucap.finance/docs/ucap_wp_v1.pdf


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