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Crypto Exchange-Traded Fund

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Project by FINEXPRO.org

What’s CETF?

Is a type of fund and exchange-traded product that traded on exchanges. It’s kinda fiat currencies but you can trade CETF 7/24 anytime you want. A CETF is like a fruit basket it contains cryptocurrencies,tokens, leveraged net assets. It’s takes investors attention because low cost and tradability.


As i mentioned above when you buy a CETF you don’t buy a token but you buy a basket with many coins and assets in it. You can do it on stock markets but it have some risks which i will mention next.As i told we buy some stabilized assets in stock market but we buy lots of risks with that.

Risks of buying a Stabilized assets(EFT) in stock market;

  1. Tracking Error; The ETF tracking error is the difference between the returns of the ETF and its reference index or asset. A non-zero tracking error therefore represents a failure to replicate the reference as stated in the ETF prospectus.

  2. Liquidity Risks;  ETFs have a wide range of liquidity. The most popular ETFs are constantly traded, with tens of millions of shares per day changing hands, while others trade only once in a while, even not trading for some days.

  3. Risks of Synthetic ETFs; Synthetic ETFs, which do not own securities but track indexes using derivatives and swaps, have raised concern due to lack of transparency in products and increasing complexity; conflicts of interest; and lack of regulatory compliance.

  4. CounterParty Risk; A synthetic ETF has counterparty risk, because the counterparty is contractually obligated to match the return on the index. The deal is arranged with collateral posted by the swap counterparty. 

  5. Effects on price Stability; Purchases and sales of commodities by ETFs can significantly affect the price of such commodities. Per the International Monetary Fund, "Some market participants believe the growing popularity of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) may have contributed to equity price appreciation in some emerging economies.

But with blockchains transparency and UNICAP’s great economic model we don’t have to suffer with those risks any longer.

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At that point UNICAP have listed problems with solutions;

• Absence of additional passive income.

• Inability of profile creation from several tokens/coins and its professional management.

• Time and resource loss in the process of day trading. Learning and adjusting to artificial intelligence systems.

• Commission losses.

• Constantly following the new tendencies and deciding whether to buy perspective tokens and coins or not.



And with blockchain technology and UNICAP Project here to solve this bleeding issue.

In a search for profit they start to pay attention to fast-developing DeFI start-ups.

However, here they notice that most of DeFi tokens don’t have the actual business.

All projects don’t forward the actual profit to investors, so many of them get into the scam category.


And UNICAP have analyzed the market and created a secure, profitable and transparent Project.

Finance Fund with DeFi ecosystem for getting additional profit from your inactive crypto assets.

So let’s talk about tokenomics of UNICAP’s CEFT;


The starting price $1 will increase up to more $20 by the end of allocation of all tokens which will bring quite a profit to the first fund investors.

Swap “Buy Back” UCAP - all tokens to be returned to the fund will be frozen and swap/sale to cryptocurrency in the future after level 90! Swap “Buy Back” 5% OFF commission to fund. Min “Buy Back” swap 10,000 USDT.

Swap Price UCAP = Net Worth / Token Circulation

UCAP Supply Allocation;

%10 Development and Governance

%90 UNICAP Project

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As you can above UNICAP doesn’t want to be historic in short period. They want to protect value and liquidity of CEFT token of them ‘’UCAP’’. As you see they split %10 for development and governance costs and remaining %90 will goes to keep UCAP alive and conquer crypto-market in next years.

Token Specifications and Sale Allocation

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There is an another feature for UNICAP but lets keep it as spoiler till my next article. So if you interested about UNICAPS UCAP project and you want to buy do not waste any time buy before UCAP sale prices rises.

That all can tell you for first segment of UNICAP’s Crypto Exchange-Traded Fund  ‘’UCAP’’


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The other Features;

A UCAP CETF divides ownership of itself into tokens that are held by token holders. The token holders indirectly own the assets of the fund. Token Holders are entitled to a share of the profits, and they would be entitled to any residual value if the fund undergoes liquidation.
CETF may be attractive as investments because of their low costs, asset aggregation, and tradability.

✅ DEFI BANK  Coming Next!
Cryptocurrency Loan Protocol. UNICAP DeFi Bank is a crypto digital currency deposit and loan protocol that supports deposit, withdrawal, as well as borrowing and paying at any time. Through
automatic procedures (smart contracts) deployed on the blockchain system, investors can quickly obtain returns without any obstacle, and borrowers can quickly and easily obtain financial support after providing appropriate collateral.

Contact Adresses for UNICAP:

Website: https://ucap.finance/

WhitePaper: https://ucap.finance/docs/ucap_wp_v1.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/unicap_finance

Facebook: https://facebook.com/tradersfair

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unicapfinance

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/showcase/unicapfinance/

Discord: https://discord.gg/BJBA4Yb

BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5278941.msg55283491


‘’DYOR Warning; This article is for promote UNICAP to you and let you aware what is coming to Crypto industry so please do your own research before investment. Your Money, your ideas, your investment.’’


Reminder; This article made by  https://invest.unicap.finance/?referral=442:c203 for UNICAP Project.

And UNICAP remains all rights of this article to use it on marketing and promoting.

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