Understanding the misunderstood #2 (Withdrawal system)

​Welcome to the part #2 of this series "Understanding the misunderstood"

​​​​So as we all know uptrennd tokens stored on our uptrennd account on this platform. We can withdraw them anytime.

A normal withdrawal takes upto 48 hours and mostly it happens under 48 hours duration. 

​My withdrawal took more than 48 hours, why?

​​​​Withdrawals can take more than 48 hours as well but at rare and few times. 

A month ago, withdrawals were stopped for a pretty while. 

​-> thinking why?

​​​​in community uptrennd,  many new users were found to be hackers and scammers in our clean system. They were at very low level and yet were scoring above 200 upvotes which is very hard to achieve. Furthermore the view they were getting were in thousands. 

In order to remove these dirty people from our platform,  admins had to stop withdrawals for sometimes.  So that they could clean the platform and make it more secure and safe.

Let's get back to withdrawals taking more than 48 hours.

after the withdrawals continued, there was a huge amount of uptrenndians who requested withdrawal. As the withdrawals were treated manually and in different batches. Hence It took more than 48 hours.



preview not available St3v3 T88888
09 Nov

Thanks for understanding why withdrawals took longer than the normal time


Muhammad Ali Siddiqui
09 Nov

i understood them just as u guys said it was done manually. but im writing these posts so beginners know. before spamming, like most of us used to do







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