UNDERSTANDING CRYPTOCURRENCY PRIVACY with Reuben Yap of Zcoin | Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash

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We discuss privacy, Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash and how it all works with Zcoin’s Project Steward, Reuben Yap gave a video briefing on what has been happening behind the scenes on the Zcoin project. 

1:05 I want to start by getting your thoughts on the market, the virus has created some very unprecedented times, where this week we saw the price of oil crash… How do you think this virus is affecting crypto markets, particularly with the bitcoin halving coming up? 
2:34 Why is privacy a problem, traditionally people looked to crypto back in the early days of bitcoin as a form of anonymous payment? 
5:00 How do privacy transactions work compared to a regular crypto transaction? 
6:30 So what is your specific role at Zcoin? Where do you fit into this picture? 
8:36 Tools that de-anonymize blockchains are growing more sophisticated. How easy is it so de-anonymize a coin, especially when there are repeated transactions, and have you faced any issues relating to this? 
10:32 I want to look at zero coin and sigma, because there were some issues, firstly what is zero coin and secondly what were the issues you faced? And how did you make the decision to update?
12:45 How does lelantus work and how does it try to build on these issues and fix them? 
14:31 You obviously had a lot of plans for 2020 particularly with the new lelantus protocol, how has the current economic turmoil because of the virus affected those plans? 
15:57 What are your thoughts on other privacy coins like Monero and Zcash and how are you different from them? 
18:51 What can we expect in the next 6 months and is Zcoin using its technology for any other projects outside of the space, similar to the Thai elections? 

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Adeogun Sunday James
23 Apr

I wiped my phone and end up forgetting my blockchain login details,any help on that?


Musa Tijani
23 Apr

u sure have a recovery email start from the forget password option


Martins Oluoma
23 Apr

Do you have any ideas how I can stake vite


Emmanuel Orji
23 Apr

Is this the best time to invest in bitcoin?


Zeeshan Akhtar 🇵🇰
23 Apr

will bitcoin price increases ?


Erick Quiap
23 Apr

Very informative and "crypto-educated" video, must watch.


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