Ultra Fast Burn Keto

Ultra Fast Burn Keto is — allegedly — a keto supplement for rapid weight loss. Its creators claim that Ultra Fast Keto Boost helps you burn fat faster on a keto diet. 

The company that manufactures Ultra Fast Burn Keto claims that their diet pills can help you get into ketosis faster, lose body fat, and more. 

But are these keto pills legit, or are they a scam?

To be brief, Ultra Fast Burn Keto has all the signs of a scam: dishonest marketing practices, before-and-after photos that appear to be heavily photoshopped, outrageous claims about efficacy, and a non-specific ingredients list hidden behind legal loopholes for labeling. 

Here’s a closer look at this questionable keto weight loss pill, and why you’re better off avoiding it.

Is The Ultra Fast Burn Keto Shark Tank Connection Real?

Shark Tank is a show on ABC in which successful entrepreneurs consider investing in products. Products endorsed on Shark Tank often go on to become very successful. 

Ultra Fast Keto Burn s official website makes no claims about it being on Shark Tank, but virtually all of its advertisements imply that Ultra Fast Keto Burn was on the show — and that it was the most successful product in Shark Tank history. 

There is no record of this diet pill appearing on Shark Tank, nor is there any record of Shark Tank’s investors backing the product. 


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