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27 Mar
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UK Prime Minister Tested Positive For Coronavirus

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Atif Jabbar (coolguy222) 2 months ago

I am sorry to hear this, This is really a bad news, May God keep us save from corona and we get rid of it soon.

Dotun Awosika Deetee 2 months ago

We are saved and best to stay with the cautions and self-isolate. 

UxaaMaa KHan 2 months ago

Ohh my God. This is really sad news.  He is one of my favourite politician. May Almighty protect him.  

Dotun Awosika Deetee 2 months ago

Wow, so sorry you feel that way but it is what it is and great that he came clean and self-isolating.

Whyte_ Hemmy 2 months ago

No one feel safer anymore,  adhering to simple instructions  "stay at home" should be paramount this instance 

Dotun Awosika Deetee 2 months ago

It is best to stay cautious and stay safe.

Akintunde Hussein 2 months ago

The most heartbreaking thing is that many of our leaders saw this coming, but turned deaf ears to it. Now majority of the world happened to be the victims of this Covid-19 epidemic

Dotun Awosika Deetee 2 months ago

Yea, people literally played with this issue before it went all crazy.

Omodele Olumide 2 months ago

I was shocked too when I saw the video, but seriously they saw it coming but most didn't take it that serious like it will just stay in China alone. Nigerian own shocked me the most, ignorance won't kill the nation

Dotun Awosika Deetee 2 months ago

This is actually not just a Nigeria thing but global thing, the US is even asking Doctors and Nurses from other countries to apply for Visa to help in the struggle.







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