U.S offer another Stimulous package worth $1.8 Trillion

I sort of fear with things happening around during weekends in Financial Markets and reminds me of big Lehman default when I woke up Monday and found out all my stocks and investments almost lost 80% of the Value but that way too older news to discuss.

Breaking News is that Trump annouce  $1.8 Trillion stimulus package for millions of unemployed Americans and Airlines Industry which has been hit the most due to lockdowns. Lot of other industries and segments will be covered as it is a revised bill and one strongly demanded one as it is moreover is a help for Trump's Election campaign.

Crypto Industry reacted spontaneously and as of writing Bitcoin and ether spiked 4-5% respectively.

Bitcoin currently trading at $11490 up 3.75%

Ether currently trading at $375 up by 4.12%

Im expecting a reaction on Gold and metal market when we see an Financial Markets open tomorrow.  

Expected a Gap of more than 2-3% in metals and It will be boost USD bears to start a new trend which I think will be the most stronger one of what we have witnessed in this Corona Era.

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Ademigoke Emmanuel
09 Oct

Wow! This is a nice initiative from trump, kudos to him 


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