Two Months on Uptrennd | Level 1 in First Month | Level 7 in Second Month

Hello Trenndians!


I thought I would share a small post on my journey with Uptrennd. It is my second month on the platform, so I thought I could share my perception of the platform and how I see Uptrennd scaling up. But first things first. I had shared a post about my experience over here in the first month and thought I will do the same in the second and third months. Why? Well, this is more for me than my readers. I gauge my energy and excitement for a platform if I can talk about it for three months, at least. If I survive the first three months, then I am sold on to the platform. 😊

So, if you are reading this post, then I am almost sold on to the platform. Almost? Why almost? I will explain that too. Let me share my three-month journey first, and then I will talk about the platform.

My Second Month Stats


Okay, let’s start with the stats part. I joined on 3rd January 2021, which is my first post over here. I could have joined before, but let’s take the time from my first post for the sake of measuring. By 3rd February 2021, I was level 1, which I thought was impossible considering the engagement I could generate. However, the story has gone through the roof after that. At the end of the second month, I am already at level 7, which is like gaining 6 levels in just one month. I am not sure how that fares in comparison with other users, but it is a good one for me. I am getting fairly good engagement and doing well.


Contests Won


I have won three contests here since I joined. I guess I participated in four and won in three. Not bad, huh? That’s a 75% hit rate. That also tells me that interesting posts are indeed encouraged on the platform. The latest contest that I won was “Uptrennd Application Launch Meme” hosted by @Adelan 0. That was fun too, and I could let loose my meme side of life. Talking about that, as soon as I receive the 200 tokens from the contest, I will be close to breaching level 7 as well. Watch out, level 8, here I come.

We will know from my third month’s post how well I have done. 😊

What I Find Interesting Here?


I won’t cover the things that I had already covered in my first-month post. For those that had not read it, I had mentioned the Uptrennd University, Guardians acting as, well, guardians ( 😊 ) against scammers and encouragement to quality posts. These attributes still remain. I will cover additional points over here.


The Uptrennd Application

This is the talk of the town at the moment. While many other platforms do not yet have a mobile app, Uptrennd is looking in the right direction. These are also moves that welcome new users to the platform. So, I can’t complain about that one. Good going, Uptrennd team!


The Engagement Level


This is something I am split 50-50 at the moment. Some posts do well, and some don’t. I sat and analyzed it a bit more and still couldn’t nail it. It is not the genre that some people like while others don’t. Sometimes, an article in the same genre does not attract any vote, and yet on another day, it would be having hundreds of upvotes. But it is too early for me to think that I know it all. Maybe, I’ve got to hang around for some more time to know more.

So, I will leave this part quite satisfied at the moment. 

What I Think Could Improve

The Post Maker Tab

You see, this is a major problem for a person like me who has to format his content on the site. There are two sliders that are there on the posting page. So, every time I accidentally move the external slider to move down the post instead of the internal slider, the “formatting tab” goes out of the window. As such, I will have to toggle between the outer and inner slider, again and again. This is not very user-friendly.


I suggest keeping the formatting tab static, and there should be only one slider, preferably the external one. That way, when we are formatting our post, the tab remains static while only the post part moves. That way, life becomes simpler, and it is easier to format our posts. This is not rocket science, and I am sure that Uptrennd developers can do it. If you still need to see how that operates, I would recommend a visit to the PublishOx site and see how their post maker tab operates. There is only one slider, and when the formatting tab goes up, the formatter still remains visible for the post. It is much easier that way than toggling two different sliders.


Points Docking For Wrong Community Selection


Now, this is something I have been a victim of. I get that the Uptrennd team would have reasons to do it, but a newbie like me wouldn’t know the classification rules on day one. So, I was docked ten points for getting my article wrongly classified in the wrong community. My only suggestion is to give a warning first to those who do it and then dock ten points the second time they wrongly classify. I am sure that after the warning, people will take extra care to classify their articles. If it is for long-timers, you can choose to go for the points docking straight, but it sounds a bit extreme for newbies.


Talking about my case, I had written my first article with no upvotes or engagement (quite understandable) but had about 1.22 points. I guess the points came from upvotes that I received on a few of my comments. Amidst this, I was docked 10 points for wrongly classifying my article ☹. So, I started with -8.78 points. 


This is just an observation than a complaint. Such actions shouldn’t deter newcomers.


Well, that’s it for now. As you notice, it has come from my experience. I am sure that the Uptrennd team would have reasons for either of the said points, but I thought I would air it nonetheless.

So, That’s It


I am happy with my journey so far, and I look forward to this month and how it pans out. I guess I will be seeing more of Uptrennd this month. Happy to be around and hope to find many more new friends! 😊


 **Image Courtesy:** GraphicMama-Team



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preview not available Adelan o
02 Mar

You sure is having a wonderful ride with Uptrennd especially our contests 😁😄. We await our app coming soon, a major step in the right direction. 

Congrats on being one of the winners in the contest, you get your reward here and now😄🥳

Newbies are always warned about selecting the right community, it's most likely because they continue to make the same errors. The bot will have no choice but to do its duty. We have communities for a reason. Sometimes the stern way attracts more attention and change.

Keep up the nice work😉


Oivas Namok
02 Mar

Hey Adelan,

Nice to chat up. Yeah, I enjoy the contest and I am indeed having a whale of a time over here.

Like I said, observations apart, the Uptrennd team would have had reasons to dock points even for newbies. We just need to ensure that as more and more people join with the app launch, it should not happen that they feel bad that they are docked points on their first post. We need to think through this. Anyway, let's see how things pan out.

Happy to be here and will be meeting you all often. :)


preview not available Adelan o
02 Mar

I just told you we give advice on what's right to do for newbies, i-e Level 1-5, of you know any newbie who got points deducted for wrong community placement  on their first post? Send me a link in DM. 😉

We aim to make everyone feel welcome and get used to the flow, and trust me allow for adaptation, but it needs to be fast, the sincere people correct and heed to warnings, the spammers just laugh and ignore. If a nice approach won't do anything, a more nicer approach will do😁. Uptrennd rewards those that aids it's growth. Cheers Man😉


Oivas Namok
03 Mar

I get that.

Thanks for the reward tip man! :)


preview not available Adelan o
03 Mar

Always welcome 😉


preview not available Betty Ozemoje
03 Mar

It's Impressive  reading through your experience so far here in just two months 

I see you are having a great time already. With the coming app, engagement is going to be even more interesting. 

I tell people, you can hit a great mark with Uptrennd if you are willing to work hard to bring quality to the table. With the right vibe you will hit your goal! Cheers!! 


Oivas Namok
03 Mar

Thanks Betty! I look forward to a great time over here on Uptrennd! :)


preview not available Hafsa M
03 Mar

you achieved so many things in just 2 months, glad to have you with us :)


Oivas Namok
04 Mar

Thanks Hafsa! :)


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
03 Mar

I congratulate you, because so far you are doing very well and I can see that you are enjoying your stay in Uptrennd, I know that you will soon reach the top.
wow that's amazing, you've already won 3 contests, that's great! It is worth celebrating.


Oivas Namok
04 Mar

Hello Javier, yeah, I am enjoying it, indeed! :) Thanks for your kind words!


Amer Farooq
04 Mar

That's good,,  you are doing well here


Oivas Namok
04 Mar

Thanks Amer! :)







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