Twitter May Invest in Bitcoin, Eth2 Now Locks Over 3 Million ETH

Surging prices, anticipation, and steady coin interest round out today’s headlines.

Eth2 Now Locks over 3 million ETH

The official deposit contract of Eth2 now holds over three million ETH, data from Etherscan reveals. 

It points to progress and the community’s determination to migrate from the current Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm to a new scalable base layer riding on Proof-of-Stake. 

In this mode, Ethereum plans to rid miners blamed for the ludicrously high network fees averaging $22 on Feb 10. 

This will introduce several on-chain scaling means, including Sharding, which will split Eth2 into “shards” or groups that can communicate synchronously without compromising the underlying network’s security. 

Stakers will receive daily interest in the form of BETH, which they will redeem for ETH in Eth 1.5.

Blue Ridge Bank Enables Trading of Bitcoin from its ATM

The Bitcoin wave is catching up with banks, especially those in the U.S. 

Reports indicate that the Charlottesville-based Blue Ridge Bank is officially the first financial institution in the country to allow the trading of Bitcoin straight from its ATMs. 

As per reports on Feb 10, the bank is partnering with BluePoint ATM Solutions and LibertyX—the Boston-based ATM software provider. 

It said it would allow BTC trading on 19 of its ATM locations, both at its branches and off-site ATMs. Its CEO, Brian K. Plum, said the bank is responding to increasing demand for BTC.

Twitter Considering Holding BTC, Paying Employees in Bitcoin

Following Tesla, Twitter could end up investing in BTC and even paying their employees in digital gold. 

The social media giant’s CFO, Ned Segal, said they are weighing in on holding BTC as part of their treasury. 

He added that they have “done a lot of the upfront thinking” on whether they can pay their employees or vendors in BTC should they ask. 

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preview not available Adelan o
15 Feb

Looks like something nice might happen to ETH and it's price,Lol. 

A raging bull I guess😄


Julian Kwan
15 Feb

Bitcoin is really causing a great revolution in the world today.


preview not available Hafsa M
15 Feb

if this is really happening then we will see again ethereum bull run.


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