Tweet The Quality Post (TTQR)

Happy New Month To Every Community Members!

Just some few hours ago, Jeff releases a post about an event that is about to happen at uptrennd which is halving, and this is important to take advantage of the opportunity lock up within this period as the halving is getting ready to happen any time soon. It is certain halving will cause scarcity and also value increment but it is the quality you release that determines the reward you command. 

Africa is so blessed with great writers and you guys have been making the continent proud yet guardians are not able to reach out to as many quality content release on the platform because of the number of post-release daily but they work day and night to make sure quality post are rewarded and low quality, spam comment did not rob us of the point within the ecosystem.

The plotting of graph on how to support quality post with low reward, Uptrennd Africa begins Tweet the quality post with hashtag #upafrdaily mentioning @auptrennd

Tips To Follow

1. Do Not Tweet A Post That's Less Than 24hrs
2. Do Not Tweet A Post That Already Earns Above 50points
3, Tweet One Link Per Person Daily

All This Is Applicable To #upafrdaily, Choose only your best posts as no upvotes are guaranteed, only quality!

Note: Only Use #upafrdaily Once A Day.

Thanks To Elena (Head Of Guardian) For Her Support

I Salute All Guardians That Contribute To This Idea. One Love.



kolobeJohannes Mafalo
30 Apr

This is a great initiative Uptrennd,  and the support here is great and the growth also i amazing.


EngrSamest .
01 May

Thank you for yourcomment, i hope to see your quality post soon


Nsikak Isaac
30 Apr

Great initiative! This will encourage a lot of people with quality content that have been underground for long. 


EngrSamest .
01 May

yes brother. We need to paint our platform with quality content


Princess Busayo
30 Apr

Let me tweet my post right now. Thanks for this opportunity always. Thanks for the support always


EngrSamest .
01 May

We are trying our best to make uptrennd a better place for all


Eminent. Adesuyi
30 Apr

Good tho and guess this will bring up more people to drop quality post.  


EngrSamest .
01 May

Yes thats the mind and what we want to achieve


preview not available TEDDY FOSU
30 Apr

Uptrennd Africa is super evolving and helping increase quality engagement and we all are happy to support this great cause. Daily our leaders roll out programs to help put Africa on the Map and we are happy to serve our dear continent. This surely is a great opportunity to gain attention for your content. 


EngrSamest .
01 May

Your support can never be overemphasised keep the good work doing







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