Hmmmm! I've just been thinking ohh. Oh! Yes, I've been thinking about things over and over again lately. I'd to pause and think about life again, especially now that we're almost in December where the major scam or slang in town is"; I just got back from America/UK : I came back to settle down. " The answer we get from when and why did you come back.😂😂💕💕

Does that mean that December is the only time to settle down in Nigeria or the world? But, that's by the way. Let me talk about me, no 70% of male/female before I forget why I'm here. I was just thinking. With the way girls have been falling in love, falling out of love and picking themselves up with series of heartbreaks, multiple fractures and almost hospitalized because of the opposite sex.

Wouldn't it have been been better they channel all that love energy to LEARN something handy and make themselves more useful and VALUED in the society, than getting hit by a car from one man/woman. That way they can become useful to themselves even when love fails. 😂😂💕💕

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Rida Fatima
20 Nov

Hahaha hah you made me laugh through your post.... 

Love transformation is very well described by your writing. 


ifeoma enudu
20 Nov

Yes  dear, you are on point, we gain nothing in wasting time and energy we would have used to make out something out in life. 

Those times we waste thinking of one son of Adam can be invested in something good. Why waste it on a man that has more than 7 girls in his inbox.

My dear, I just got back no dey reign again ooo, if person talk am now, them go tell am to go quarantine for 14days.


Ishmael Kelechi
20 Nov

Hahaha!!! I just got back too. But I've not come to settle in Nigeria but to pick a wife and return to Yankee.

Our ladies should engage themselves and be useful at least for once. Instead of pursuing two rats and loosing both.


Jerry Otebele
20 Nov

Hahahahaa😂😂 This right here is a COMEDY. Indeed, when we all channel that LOVE energy placed inside something better, some people would have been a MECHANICAL ENGINEER by now.

You've shared a FUNNY but very TRUE picture of what people must know. LOVE and matters of the HEART must be done with moderation. ☀👑🙌🚀







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