Truth is profitable than lies

We are in the era where lies is prevailing than truth. Many people have rejected the truth and embrace lies.  And this has left our world in the present state of unrest and lack of faithfulness. Gone are the days people love to tell the truth. Husband lies to the wife and wife to the husband children are no longer telling the truth to their parents. Even our leaders in the country of the world are unfaithful to their followers.

No wonder that our world is in a state of confusion and lack of trust.  To trust someone is not very difficult because we hardly find someone who is trustworthy. When you trust a friend before you know it and he or she will betray you. Many so-called relationship has broken due to lack of trust which emanates from lies. 

Shall we continue to allow lies to prevail?

God forbid! Truth is hard to say but very profitable many people I have been lifted up in the past owing to the fact that they said the truth. It takes courage and honesty to tell the truth though the conditions around one may call for lie but you have to take your stand and call a spade a spade. Let everyone of us be the change if you want truth tell the truth, if everyone can change, in no time our world will be restructured. Let me conclude by saying tell the truth it will set you free.

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Uzair Ahmed
01 Nov

Yes truth is best for us always we get some good behind truth it's opposite lie is bad effect on our life so always speaks truth 


Starlight Impact
01 Nov

We should not live a deceitful life. We should learn to tell the truth and live a holy life. Lies makes is lose our integrity. 


Diamond Goodness
01 Nov

Nothing like the truth. You can tell lie and be free for some times but truth will surely prevail. 

Say the truth today and lets create the change we all desire


preview not available Skyway Poster
01 Nov

Lying sometimes has a temporary benefit, but in the end the lie must be caught,

 And there are examples in the world that when a lie is caught, man gets nothing but shame and remorse. So we always truth speaking person


Ademigoke Emmanuel
01 Nov

Lies will never take you anywhere. In everything that happens always tell the truth. Truth pays







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