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True friendship

​Let's talk about true friendship today, I have always been the kind of person who would do ANYTHING for their loved one! That's why I've grown so much in my life, I've been through so much, but that doesn't mean I've stopped looking at the bright side or I've become a negative individual! The one thing you need to be focusing on is your goal your intention TODAY! .

There is no question that true love and true friendship is self-sacrificing affection, but it doesn't have to be one sided, feelings should be reciprocated, when you're the only one that does everything that’s not being friends, true friends show their love in times of trouble not in happiness, The presence of friends makes our life worthwhile but it's very hard to find a true friend who will be with us in all of life's circumstances.

Friendship is one of the most critical and rewarding things in our lives. A true friend, in times of joy and sadness, is one who does not leave you and is your inseparable companion. Yet to make the best choice of a real friend, people must be judged correctly. We should be very cautious, as many people can easily mislead others to gratify and achieve their life-interest. This person who will be the genuine one will help you go the right way. To maintain a healthy friendship you should be cautious and have a sense of compassion. In such a relationship, there should be no doubt or skepticism. 🌻

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Fariha Khan
06 Apr

It is to be said that bad time make us known that is truly our friend and who was with us only in good time.

Trye friend always stands with you in your thick and thin and they never give up on thier friendship.

Indeed the person is very lucky who has some loyal people in his friend circle.


Erum Batool
06 Apr

True friends are always loyal with you. They never leave you alone. They stand always with you when you are in difficulty


Atanda Davido
06 Apr

No one should be lonely in this life, we need someone to relate and share our thoughts with, friendship is everything


Dr. Yousaf Janni
06 Apr

Wow amazing write up dear... Whole the contest is fabulous and bitter truth... A true Friends are those who always walk along with you without knowing any difficulties... 

Friendship is the best relation in the world in my point of view... Only a lucky person has a loyal friend... Loyal friend always trust in you and always with you in any time of difficulties... Thanks for sharing such a great post with us... 


Erum Batool
06 Apr

True friendship on the basis of trust and loyalty. True friends always with you. They never leave you alone . Because they are real


Dr. Yousaf Janni
06 Apr

You are Absolutely right dear... 


Raja 79
06 Apr

True friendship is like the relationship between the eye and the hand, if the hand hurts the eye will tear, and if the eye tears it will be wiped by the hand.



preview not available Kong .
06 Apr

True friends are a possibility but I don't consider perfection in most things, and that's that reality of life. Like you said it shouldn't be one sided, a friendship for good and bad times, when all chips are down and when victory comes calling. There has to be a level of connection beyond just mere words. Cheers







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