Trip to Canada 😍 travel with Ayesha☑😊

It's time for giving rise to another trip, but where we are going to skim this time; of course my favorite destination would be preferred by you too😍

So dear Uptrennd city gamers pack up your luggage and get ready to fly in the air as your Captain Ayesha is going to give you the promising ride;

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So here we have landed in the city of dreams yeah🥳 it's Canada! I always wanted to come here as I am much fascinated because of the cultural refinement of Canada.

 after taking a day's rest we are ready to visit Niagara Falls; its most popular visiting place; its significance can be illustrated as natural scenery grabbing the attention of each individual! you can visit any time of the season here but mostly it persists cold here so you would find it frigid 😂

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This hot spring contains a whole botanical garden; the best place for hiking; boating and of course for photographers 😍 but remember the weather condition before making the outing!

Let's move to the place we all are earshot; our next destination is the city of delights Toronto, here the tall buildings! 

modest lifestyle and hustle-bustle will make you wonder for a while but yes people are much hardworking here yet they have a generous heart for the visitors! 

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About counterpart of the preponderance came to terms here belongs to south Asia so you can find your favorite food easily!

Are you salivating now? Let's move the for the street of Toronto containing the variety of food and fun ;

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Now where next we are going to head toward Montreal; here you will uncover the best architecture and conventional view of Europe;

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After finalizing the shopping; wait haven't you made a mind for shopping! of course, Amber; cheery and kemmy are getting crazy to do shopping; here you will find the best brands providing the best outfits to their customers but also you can do window shopping to get more taste of shopping!

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Now we will move toward the world-famous CN tower having all the magnificence and glamour it among the worlds highest towers and the buildings around this CN tower add more beauty like the crystal glasswork🤓

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Are you ready to take a ride on this swing; please don't reject this offer as it's the most amusing feature of this trip! you are allowed to scream! here is the best snap representing the arrival and elegance of the autumn season; I am In love with this view; don't forget to take memorable snaps☑

Last but not least we are going to get a sneak peek view of this beautiful national park view; defining the variation of marvelous biome🤩

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Hopefully, you all have enjoyed this trip to Canada with me; stay tuned to refresh yourself by traveling with me; here is my business card;

All the images defined the original beauty of Canada and are taken from free image sources.

The header image is designed by me on Canva.




preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
27 Feb

It seems like a fascinating trip, although I don't really like the cold, but it must be amazing to visit Canada.


Ayesha Malik
27 Feb

No issue in this case;

We will arrange the tour by the choice of our customers 🤩

Thanks for the response.


preview not available Hamid Owaisi
27 Feb

This really looks like an amazing tour because i love canada and i want to visit that place too. I really love canadian foods and i will love to join this trip. This will be great fun.


Ayesha Malik
27 Feb

Alright, I have reserved your seat for our next trip;

Canadian food is lovable 😚 don't forget to bring an awesome camera for photography 🤭


Cherry Harryianne
27 Feb

[email protected] Captain, it was a great tour, hehehe Great shopping for some of my favorite stuff hehe Canada is a great place to visit actually @Amber and @Kemmy also enjoyed it too much! 

Blessed Morning!❤🌷


Ayesha Malik
27 Feb

Don't forget to make a list of the next stuff which you want to buy during the next trip most probably to the UAE🤭🥳

It was an awesome experience to rock I'm your company 😉🤝

Stay Blessed ❤


Amer Farooq
27 Feb

Canda is a good place for living there. 


Ayesha Malik
01 Mar

@Amer yes it is desired place for residency.

Can you elaborate on your thoughts about the post by making more quality comments?


preview not available etson arrantes
28 Feb

I haven't visited Canada yet but i want to see Toronto badly.. There are too many amazing places in there as much as my cousşn told me who lives in there. I also love Toronto Raptors and want to see their game.. 


Ayesha Malik
01 Mar

Yes the one who visits Canada once can't get out of its spell😍

Glad to know your intention about visiting Canada;

Do contact Ayesha's traveling agency for a comfortable trip🤓

Thanks for your time, sir.







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